CompanyCam Integration With Builder Prime CRM Software Suite

Home Improvement Contractors Can
Easily Capture, Share & Organize Photos

If you’re already reaping the benefits of Builder Prime, you know it’s the ultimate all-in-one CRM program that can transform how contractors do business. And with easy CompanyCam integration, Builder Prime becomes a powerful way for you to capture, share, and organize your project photos.

Let’s look at how CompanyCam seamlessly integrates with Builder Prime… and how that integration is boosting the efficiency of contractors in every industry.

[Note: If you’re a current Builder Prime user looking to integrate CompanyCam, visit our CompanyCam Integration Setup page or contact us.]

Overview Of CompanyCam

CompanyCam is THE ultimate photo-documentation app for home improvement contractors. You can easily take job photos/videos with your tablet or smartphone… then share those photos and videos with any and every person you choose in your company.

Since your photos are stored in the cloud, you and your team can access them anytime, anywhere. The jobsite at 2PM on Tuesday. In your office at 9AM on Thursday. In Madagascar at 3:38AM on a Sunday. The when and where is up to you.

And you don’t have to spend time sorting through a big messy photo gallery — CompanyCam puts everything in its right place FOR you. Photos and videos are automatically organized based on location, time, and other details. You can even add notes to photos, such as marking where certain materials need to be placed or highlighting areas that require further attention. With CompanyCam, everyone knows what needs to be done… and essential information NEVER gets lost in the shuffle.

6 Benefits Of Integrating CompanyCam With Builder Prime

CompanyCam and Builder Prime are awesomely powerful contractor-business tools on their own. But when you combine their powers, you get THE ultimate system for visual documentation.

From enhancing efficiency… to streamlining workflows… to improving internal communication… here are 6 ways CompanyCam-Builder Prime integration benefits contractors like YOU:

#1: Centralized Project Management

Builder Prime acts as the hub for all leads, customers, estimates, and projects, allowing your teams to create and manage projects, assign tasks, and track progress. CompanyCam integration further enhances your project management abilities by providing a centralized location for all pictures, videos, and vital project information.

#2: Visual Documentation

CompanyCam photo documentation is directly linked to projects in Builder Prime. This integration ensures project stakeholders have easy access to relevant visual documentation.

Photos can even be easily included in the estimates and contracts you generate in Builder Prime. And as you know — the more detailed your estimate, the more likely you are to close the deal.

#3: Effortless Accountability

Picture this: You’ve completed a stunning remodeling project. The customer hands over their credit card info. You get paid. Everyone is happy.

Then… BAM!

A chargeback two weeks later. The customer now claims your company didn’t do XYZ right… and that customer now refuses to pay you. (Even though you know your team did the job right.)

No worries. With CompanyCam documenting every stage of your project, you’ve got picture proof of your work — which is the vital evidence you NEED to win a dispute. And since the documentation is automatically stored in Builder Prime, your team can access it quickly and easily.

#4: Streamlined Communication

Effective communication is crucial in home improvement projects. The integration of CompanyCam and Builder Prime facilitates clear-as-day communication between team members.

Users can attach visual documentation from CompanyCam to messages, comments, or updates within Builder Prime, providing visual context and clarity to project discussions. This streamlined communication helps reduce misunderstandings and communication gaps. Everyone is on the same page.

#5: Automated Real-Time Updates

As a project’s progress is documented visually in CompanyCam, Builder Prime ensures that relevant updates are reflected in real-time within the CRM.

For example: When a lead reaches a specific stage, a webhook is triggered via Builder Prime. This automatically creates the project in CompanyCam — with zero effort on your end.

Or suppose someone on your team adds a photo or completes a task in CompanyCam. That change is automatically updated within Builder Prime. This allows project managers to stay up to date without manually transferring information between platforms, or constantly flipping back and forth between apps or tabs.

The bottom line? Projects synchronize seamlessly between CompanyCam and Builder Prime, creating smoother, more efficient workflows.

#6: Enhanced Collaboration

At the end of the day, CompanyCam/Builder Prime integration makes collaboration MUCH easier for your entire team… from your salespeople to your installers to your production staff.

Since your team doesn’t need to switch between two platforms, they can communicate more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately. And whenever you enhance productivity, you enhance profits.


CompanyCam and Builder Prime are a dynamic combo. Builder Prime already offers automated lead tracking, worry-proof follow-up, simplified scheduling, and in-depth reporting. When you add CompanyCam to the mix, you get a powerful visual-documentation tool that provides your team with vital project info where and when they need it.

For more details, contact us today. You can also visit our Integration Setup Page for more information on how CompanyCam and Builder Prime integrate seamlessly.

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