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Angi Ads — formerly known as Home Advisor — and Builder Prime are a match made in heaven for home improvement contractors. As you may already know, Builder Prime offers a comprehensive CRM solution with automated lead tracking, streamlined scheduling, worry-free follow-up, and detailed reporting.

But when you combine Builder Prime with Angi Ads, you unlock a whole new level of lead generation, targeted marketing, and overall business management.

Don’t miss out on this winning combination — get ready to supercharge your home improvement business with a personalized CRM experience!

[Note: If you’re a current Builder Prime user looking to integrate Angi Ads, visit our Angi Ads Integration Setup page or contact us.]

Overview Of Angi Ads

Angi Ads is a powerful tool in any contractor’s marketing arsenal, specifically designed to attract customers and generate leads as efficiently as possible. It’s like having a savvy marketing sidekick by your side every step of the way.

With Angi Ads, you can showcase your services to a broad audience, reaching folks who may have yet to find you. More eyes on your services = more opportunities to stand out from the competition.

But here’s the deal: Angi Ads isn’t a complete CRM software. It’s fantastic for lead generation, but when it comes to managing and nurturing those leads, that’s where Builder Prime steps in. Builder Prime is your all-in-one CRM platform, like your business headquarters, where you can keep track of leads, manage customer relationships, and streamline your workflow.

Angi Ads is great at lead generation, while Builder Prime is the complete package, taking care of the behind-the-scenes business management. Integrating both platforms creates a powerful synergy that propels your home improvement business to new heights.

You need to stand out, and you need a software solution that will give you the best chance to get results from those leads. Without Builder Prime’s speed-to-lead help, a vast majority of those leads are just going to slip through the cracks.

3 Benefits Of Integrating Angi Ads With Builder Prime

Now let’s discuss how Builder Prime and Angi Ads team up to bring home improvement contractors industry-leading benefits. If you’re a home contractor or a home service pro looking for more customers, Angi Ads helps you connect with local customers who need your services.

Builder Prime, on the other hand, is like your marketing and management guru, helping you spread the word about your exceptional skills to a wider audience while tracking your progress every step of the way.

Now, here’s what you can expect when integrating Builder Prime with Angi Ads.

#1: Lead Tracking

Builder Prime and Angi Ads join forces — it’s a win-win situation. When you use Builder Prime, any leads you gain through Angi Ads are instantly added to your Builder Prime account. No more manual entries or wasted time! Welcome to having a super-fast express lane to get those leads right where you need them.

#2 Speed To Lead Response

By integrating Builder Prime and Angi Ads, home improvement contractors like you can significantly enhance their speed-to-lead response. You’ll promptly receive lead notifications from Angi Ads directly within Builder Prime, streamlining the process and reducing response time.

With faster lead response, you gain a competitive edge by being the first to engage with potential customers, which improves the chances of converting leads into actual projects.

Leveraging the Builder Prime and Angi Ads integration gives home improvement contractors a better chance at capitalizing on time-sensitive opportunities, increase their project pipeline, and establish a reputation for excellent customer service and responsiveness.

#3 Marketing Reports

The seamless integration of Builder Prime and Angi Ads empowers you to measure the performance of your ads with precision effortlessly. Our robust reporting capabilities enable you to track vital metrics and make data-driven decisions for optimal results.

Builder Prime’s reporting feature focuses on providing accurate insights into your Angi Ads lead performance. Easily measure cost per lead, cost per appointment, cost per demo, cost per sale, and cost as a percentage of the sale amount, all broken down by lead source.

Additionally, our lead performance report provides a comprehensive comparison of Angi leads’ progression in your sales funnel against leads from other sources. Harness the power of Builder Prime and Angi Ads integration, and unlock the ability to measure, analyze, and optimize your ad campaigns effectively.


Builder Prime and Angi Ads are the dynamic duo that takes your lead generation to the next level. Instantly adding leads to your Builder Prime account, reaching a wider audience, targeting like a pro, and tracking your success — it’s all part of the package. Get ready to shine brighter, attract more customers, and watch your business thrive!


If you are looking to maximize the success of your home improvement business, Angi Ads and Builder Prime are a match made in heaven. Builder Prime is there for all your comprehensive CRM needs, while Angi Ads tackles the lead generation side of things.

With the seamless integration of Angi Ads and Builder Prime, you have the power to capture leads instantly and manage them efficiently, all in one place. Don’t miss out on this winning combination and many of our other app integrations. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of integrating Angi Ads with your Builder Prime service.

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