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The Does-It-All Contractor CRM Software Suite
Starts At Just $79 A Month!

Builder Prime CRM software comes in subscription plans for contractors of all sizes—big, small, and everywhere in between.

  • Are you a “one-man show”? We’ve got a plan for that.
  • Do you have 25 employees? We’ve got a plan for that.
  • Are you an $80MM company with five locations? We’ve got a plan for that.

Explore your options below to see which Builder Prime plan is right for YOU.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Pricing Plans

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Builder Prime Plan Pricing & Features Comparison






Summary Overview
Overview of our highlighted features

Overview Of Our Feature-Rich CRM Software

Tons of features including:

  • CRM, Estimating & Production
  • E-signatures & Online Payments
  • Sales & Production Calendars
  • Industry-Specific Automations

Everything in Startup, plus:

  • More Customization
  • Automated Email Sequences
  • Automated Call Queueing
  • Advanced Integrations + QuickBooks

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Automated SMS Sequences
  • Advanced Estimate Builder
  • Support for a 2nd Location
  • Premium Integrations & Support

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Multiple Project Pipelines
  • Support for 3 or More Locations
  • User Permissions per Location
  • More Automations & User Roles
Starting Price
This is the minimum subscription price each month.

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

Users Included In Starting Price
Employee records only count as active users when you give them access to the CRM and they log in with their own username and password.

1 Office User

1 Office User

1 Office User

Additional Office Users
Officer users are typically for owners, managers, sales reps, project managers, foremen, and lead setters. Basically, any type of user other than an installer in the field.

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

Additional Field Users
Field users are typically for installers in the field to clock in and out, update job photos and logs, and view their tasks and schedules.

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

SMS Messages (Batches Of 250 Messages)
Text messaging is available on the Growth and Enterprise plans. Send automated and one-off text messages to leads, customers, and employees. Manage conversations in a convenient SMS Conversation Dashboard.

with Annual renewal

with Monthly renewal

Free E-Signature Requests Included
Each plan includes a certain number of documents (contracts, purchase orders, etc.) that can be sent out for e-signature each month at no additional cost. The count will reset at the start of each month.




Additional E-Signature Requests
If you exceed the allotted number of e-signature requests for your plan in a month, each additional request will be billed at the rates relevant to your plan.

$1.00 each
with Annual renewal

$1.25 each
with Monthly renewal

$0.80 each
with Annual renewal

$1.00 each
with Monthly renewal

$0.60 each
with Annual renewal

$0.75 each
with Monthly renewal

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Main Features





Create, Track & Manage Unlimited Leads, Customers, Projects & Work Orders
There’s no limit to the number of data records you can create, track, and manage in the software.

Simple PDF Generation For Contracts, Change Orders, Invoices & More
Create beautiful, professional documents for your customers.

Integrated Legally Binding E-Signatures
With the click of a button, send contracts, change orders, or subcontractor purchase orders for legally binding e-signatures.

Client Portal Login For Every Lead Or Customer
Your customers can access the client portal to e-sign their contracts and securely pay their invoices.

Unlimited Email Templates
Create professional and beautiful email templates in a snap to make communication much simpler. Pair with custom automations for drip email campaigns and other operational efficiencies.

Sales & Production Calendars
Tracking and managing both your sales calendar and your production calendar has never been easier.

Track Meetings & Schedules For Unlimited Employees & Subcontractors
Make sure your employees and subs are attending their meetings and sticking to schedule.

Access To All Reports & Dashboards
All data, reporting, and dashboards are right there when you need them.

Job Costing
Compare estimates to actuals and know your profits to the penny.

Timesheets automatically include the jobs your employees are assigned to. Timesheets automatically update job schedules and costs.

GPS-Based Time Clock For Field Employees
Field employees can use the GPS time clock to clock in and out of different jobs. Optionally restrict the time clock if they are not at their assigned worksite for that day. Time automatically transfers to their timesheet.

Unlimited Storage For Photos & Documents
There is absolutely no limit on how many photos, documents, and files you can store.

10 MB Limit Per File

25 MB Limit Per File

50 MB Limit Per File

Custom Limit Per File

Self-Service Lead & Customer Import
Use our simple and powerful import tool to get your existing leads and customers imported from a spreadsheet.

Standard Workflow Automations
Use the pre-configured automations to ensure your leads and projects are always in the right status without having to manually move them.

Custom Automations
Set up your own custom automations to send email sequences, meeting reminders, e-sign reminders, to-dos, and automatically process your leads and projects through your workflow.

Up To 25

Up To 100

Custom #

Custom User Roles & Permissions
Assign users to different roles with different sets of permissions to make sure your employees can see and do exactly what they’re supposed to, and nothing more.

Up To 5 User Roles

Up To 10 User Roles

Custom #

Customize Lead & Project Workflows
Easily add or remove different stages to your lead and project workflows for more fine-grained control and oversight.

Custom Fields for Clients & Projects
Add as many custom fields as you want to the client screen or the project screen.

Email Automation
Send leads and customers automated emails for worry-proof communication. Excellent for setting appointments, sending reminders, follow-up, and more.

SMS Automation
Send automated text messages to your leads and customers for better, faster responses than email communication. SMS automation is great for Speed-To-Lead, rehash, appointment reminders, customer review acquisition, estimate follow-ups, and more.

SMS Conversion Dashboard
Manage all of text message conversations with leads and customers (including automated messages) in one easy to use dashboard.

Advanced Estimate Builder
Create advanced estimates with our fully customizable Price Book, which uses powerful formulas for accurate and efficient estimating.

Support For Multiple Companies Or Company Locations Under One Account
Customize your contracts, invoices, etc. with different logos and company and/or location information. The already powerful reporting and scheduling can also be filtered by company. No need for a separate CRM or separate account.

Up To 2

Custom #

Available Custom Data Import
If the powerful built-in data important engine doesn’t cut it, we can provide you with a quote for a custom data import plan.

Available Custom Contract & Invoice Design Templates
Want a contract or invoice template that’s 100% personalized for your business and workflows? We can provide you with a custom quote so we can build them from scratch.

Multiple Project Pipelines
If you have multiple project types that require different sales and/or production workflows, this will allow you to track those different types of projects through their own distinct pipelines.

Subcompany and Location-Based Permissions
Run multiple companies or locations under one Builder Prime account, while controlling access permissions across those different companies and locations on a user-by-user basis.

Subcompany and Location-Based Phone Numbers
Get a different SMS phone number for each of your different locations.

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Support & Training





Fast & Friendly Email Support
We always respond in less than one business day, but usually within an hour or two.

Live Chat Support
Get help faster during regular business hours with our live chat support.

Dedicated Account Manager
Your dedicated account manager will get to know how your company operates to provide superior and customized support, and to recommend best practices for your company to get the most out of the CRM.

Phone Support & Live Screen Sharing
When email and live chat support just won’t cut it, we are also available by phone during US business hours. We can even spin up a quick screen-share meeting to help out as efficiently and easily as possible.

Remote Training For Key Employees
You receive on-location training from a Builder Prime representative.

Custom Training Plan
For clients on Custom Plans, we develop special training programs 100% geared toward their specific needs and operations.

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Gmail (For Sending)
Connect your Gmail or Google Workspace account to send all emails directly from your email account as if you typed it yourself. This is optional, so if you don’t use Gmail, you can still send emails using your custom assigned Builder Prime email address.

Google Calendar
Sync your sales calendar appointments with Google Calendar using our two-way sync.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online
Getting paid couldn’t be easier.

QuickBooks (Online Or Desktop)
Eliminate double entry for customers, estimates, invoices, and payments into your accounting software using QuickBooks integration.

View and manage your CompanyCam photos right from your Builder Prime projects.

Send data from your website or thousands of other apps using the Zapier integration.

Lead Generators (e.g. Angi, Thumbtack, etc.)
Your leads from the most popular lead generation services get automatically created instantly in Builder Prime. No need for manual entry and endless copy/paste.

Gmail (Import/Sync)
Automatically import all emails to/from your leads and customers from your connected Google Workspace account. All emails, regardless of whether they were sent via Builder Prime or not, will be shown in the client details screen to keep everyone on the same page.

Import orders from your ProVia EntryLink app directly into your Builder Prime estimates and projects.

Open API
Use the Open API for more advanced functionality with your Builder Prime data, outside of Builder Prime. Other apps can query, create, or update your leads and other types of activity.

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Builder Prime Pricing FAQ

Why Are There Multiple Builder Prime Subscription Plans?

We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that will work for every contractor. That’s why we offer plans for home improvement companies of every size and in every situation. It doesn’t matter if you have one employee or over 100—we’ve got a plan that’s perfect for you.

What Is The Difference Between An Office User And A Field User?

You can set up two different types of Users in Builder Prime: Office/Sales Users and Field Users.

Office/Sales Users may have access to client and lead records, detailed project information including contracts and invoices, meetings, to-do tasks, reports, and more. Typically, company owners, managers, salespeople, marketing managers, project managers, etc. would be set up as Office users.

Field Users, on the other hand, have access to a much more limited set of functionalities. They will have the ability to clock in and out based on their GPS location, the capability to see their assigned tasks schedule, upload job photos, and update the project log and their timesheets.

What Types Of Users Are Included With The Base Subscription?

Each subscription plan includes one Office User. Each additional Office User requires a small monthly fee. Adding Field users is only $10 per user per month.

Does Every Employee Count As A User?

Not necessarily. You can set up as many employees as you like on a single user account.

An employee only counts as a user if they are designated as an Active User within the software and have logged in at least once. You can remove Active Users at any time, and those removed will no longer count toward your bill starting the following billing period.

Do Clients And Subcontractors Count As Users?

Nope! Clients and subcontractors can log into separate portals you can give them access to. These do not count as Active Users, so you will not be billed for them.

What If I Remove Users In The Middle Of A Billing Period?

Your monthly invoice will count the maximum number of users that you had active at any given point during the billing period.

Example: If you have 10 additional users active on day one of the billing period, but remove access to three of them on day five, you will still be invoiced for 10 users at the end of the current billing period. You would be billed for 7 users in the following billing period if you do not add or remove any other users.

Is Builder Prime Storage Truly Unlimited?

Yes! You can store as much data in the system as you want—period. The only limitation is on the individual file size you’re uploading. Size limits for individual files are as follows:

  • Startup Plan: 10 MB limit per file
  • Essentials Plan: 25 MB limit per file
  • Growth Plan: 50 MB limit per file
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom size limit

Can I Change My Builder Prime Subscription Plan Or Renewal Term Once I Start The Free Trial?

Yes. One of the best reasons to do a free trial is to see which plan and renewal term is right for you. You can change your subscription plan and billing period from the My Account page at any time during the free trial period. And remember, You don’t have to input credit card info or commit to anything to start your free trial, so you risk nothing.

You can also change your plan from the My Account page even after the free trial is over. Once you start a subscription with annual renewals, though, you cannot downgrade or switch to monthly renewals until the end of the period.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a friendly chat or schedule a free live demonstration.

What Is An E-Signature Request?

When you create contracts or purchase orders in Builder Prime, you can send them to your customers and subcontractors for simple and legally binding e-signatures with just a couple of clicks. Each Builder Prime subscription plan comes with a number of free e-signature requests that are included at no additional charge. If you exceed that initial allotment, there will be an additional overage charge for each signature request.

An e-signature request is counted for each document that you request signatures on, regardless of how many signatures are on the document and how many signatures are obtained (or not obtained).

How Do Annual Renewals Work?

When you choose to switch from monthly renewals to annual renewals, you will get a 20% discount on your Builder Prime subscription. The base subscription amount is paid upfront for the year.

To give you the flexibility to add and remove users in your account throughout the year, we still bill for those on a monthly basis at the end of each month. You will still get your 20% discount for users and e-signature requests since you opted for the annual renewals.