The Window And Door Estimating Software That Does So. Much. More.

Providing accurate, professional estimates to clients is essential for any window contractor. And while other window and door estimating software options aim to streamline your estimating process, why stop there?

Builder Prime is an all-in-one business management platform for professionals who demand more from their software. It seamlessly integrates CRM, estimating, production management, payments, reporting and more. Businesses can now operate more efficiently, win more jobs and achieve growth goals while delivering a stellar customer experience from lead to referral. Builder Prime offers the features, integrations, and functionality you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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Accurate Estimates That Win More Deals in Less Time

Effortless On-Site Estimates

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Builder Prime helps streamline the estimation process, including calculating accurate costs and producing professional-looking estimates custom-branded with your window and door company’s logo. Cloud-based data sync means you can complete the editing process on-site and even edit line items right on the client’s doorstep – no need to make customers wait for a follow-up email while you drive back to the office.

Easy-To-Maintain Price Book

Our easy-to-maintain Price Book ensures transparency and precision by clearly outlining material and labor costs for clients. You’ll have accurate data at your fingertips that outlines all the costs associated with each job, and you can easily incorporate that information when creating estimates. Builder Prime’s Price Book’s user-friendly format allows for easy estimate creation right on site, helping you respond faster to client needs and ultimately win more jobs.

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Digital Approvals & Signatures

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

With Builder Prime, you can confirm approvals electronically. Capturing e-signatures offers convenience and a high-tech, customer-first touch that looks professional and saves on expensive printing costs for paper contracts. It simplifies contract and invoice management on the backend by eliminating the chance for misplaced paperwork and allowing for seamless integration with QuickBooks.

Watch How Easy Builder Prime Invoice & Estimating Software Is To Use

Estimate Creation

Invoice Creation

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Estimating Is Just One Part Of Builder Prime’s All-In-One Software Solution

CRM & Lead Management

Every time you lose a lead, potential revenue goes out the window. You can prevent this from happening with Builder Prime’s fail-safe lead tracking and integrated CRM functionality, which automates key aspects of your sales process, including email and text follow-ups.

Appointment Scheduling

Builder Prime offers drag-and-drop calendar and scheduling functionality to streamline your appointment processes, whether you’re meeting with clients, subcontractors, or your marketing and sales teams. With a few taps, you can easily schedule and reschedule meetings.

Adjustable Templates

Once you save a contract, invoice, or estimate template, you can quickly and easily alter it to generate a new client proposal after completing your on-site estimate.

Automated Invoicing

Everybody likes getting paid, but creating invoices with generic accounting software can be tedious. Builder Prime automates the process, allowing you to present clear, professional invoices to homeowners for prompt payment.

Project Management

Builder Prime was designed around industry-leading production management practices. Its contractor-focused, user-friendly interface can help you optimize workflows in every aspect of your business, from estimating to production and installation.

Real-Time, Accurate Reporting

Automate real-time insights into everything that affects your business’s bottom line with Builder Prime accurately. You can identify your most valuable marketing channels or measure the efficiency of installation teams with the integrated GPS time clock feature.

Builder Prime Case Study: The Men With Tools

John Kolbaska’s window and door contracting company, The Men With Tools, was growing fast, and Kolbaska needed a program that could keep up with the business’s growth. He chose Builder Prime for its ability to manage every step of the job, from contact management to estimating to scheduling production and finally invoicing. Kolbaska now relies on Builder Prime’s precision reporting for key business decisions that have led to further operational growth.

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Estimating Automation And Integrations For Window And Door Companies

Screenshot of estimating automation in Builder Prime as shown on a phone, tablet, laptop, and large screen

Builder Prime’s window and door estimating and automation features are a game-changer for residential contractors. They enable the creation of detailed, customized proposals within minutes through customizable templates that you can easily adjust to meet specific customer needs.

Seamless integration with popular contractor apps like QuickBooks ensures financial data is always synced and ready to go, ensuring an accurate, efficient, real-time estimating process.

Window And Door Estimating Software FAQ

What Is Window And Door Estimating Software?

Window and door estimating software is designed to streamline the process of creating accurate and detailed estimates for these types of projects. By using templates and predefined pricing models that reflect material costs, labor, and other project-specific factors, these specialized estimating tools can automate many of the complex calculations and measurements required for generating proposals. Window and door contractors can leverage this software to optimize their estimating process by reducing manual errors and automatically producing professional estimates for clients.

What Features Should I Look For In Window Estimating Software?

Window and door contractors considering estimating software should prioritize features that meet their unique business needs. Comprehensive modules that cover all aspects of the estimating process, including templates for quick and accurate estimate creation, are essential. Robust reporting and analytics capabilities are also important, as these allow contractors to track customized key performance indicators and optimize various processes over time through data-driven decision-making.

Any software you consider should also support the generation of detailed work orders to streamline project execution and ensure clear communication with installation teams. A user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, and out-of-the-box integrations with common contractor business tools can make for a seamless transition to the new software from your current system.

What Software Does Builder Prime Integrate With?

Builder Prime integrates with a wide range of popular contractor applications. Connect your QuickBooks account for accurate and efficient management of invoices, payments, and accounting. Integrate email platforms like Gmail and Outlook, calendar tools like Google Calendar, and project management applications like CompanyCam to create a single interface for everything from customer communications to scheduling.

You can also connect Builder Prime with lead generation services like HomeAdvisor, Angi, Porch, and Modernize to consolidate all your lead details into a central CRM.

What Are The Best Window And Door Estimating Software Options For Small- To Medium-Sized Contractors?

Builder Prime is the perfect window estimating software for small- to medium-sized contractors. As an all-in-one solution that’s specifically tailored to contractor needs, it offers everything your business needs to grow and succeed in the competitive window and door industry.

Builder Prime’s customizable templates and estimating tools allow contractors to create precise proposals quickly. Integrations with key applications ensure smooth financial management and a seamless transition away from existing systems. Fail-safe lead tracking and CRM automation features prevent communication gaps and ensure leads are efficiently managed from the moment they enter your sales funnel. Builder Prime’s real-time KPI reporting and detailed analytics can help contractors make data-informed business decisions to optimize operations and boost profitability starting from day one.

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