The Ideal Roofing Software For Home Improvement Contractors

You know that the right tools are essential at a job site. If you’re ready to take your roofing & exteriors business to new heights, you need the right tools in your office, too.

Forget spreadsheets and sticky notes – Builder Prime roofing software can help streamline invoicing, estimating, and project management processes. Its integrated CRM solution means you can manage every aspect of your business under one roof.

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How Builder Prime Helps Roofing Contractors Succeed

CRM & Lead Tracking

Builder Prime Contractor Crm Software Suite Fail Safe Lead Tracking Automation

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps you informed on where all of your leads are in the sales process. Easy-to-use templates let you automate follow-ups on estimates and other project details for your roofing jobs. Build a reputation for clear, timely, and consistent communication that makes customers want to recommend your services to friends and family.

Automate Scheduling

Builder Prime’s automated, user-friendly system lets you streamline your scheduling process, while advanced dispatching capabilities mean you spend less time focused on administrative tasks and more time actually running your business. Our iPhone and Android-compatible mobile app links to your cloud-based account, so you can keep in touch with crews’ workloads whether you’re in the office or on a job site.

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Streamlined Sales And Production Scheduling

Effortless Estimating

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

Hastily handwritten estimates or generic quotes made from Microsoft Word templates can leave homeowners with an unprofessional impression. Builder Prime helps you stand out for the right reasons with software designed to create accurate estimates and precise roof measurements. Generate professional, customized estimates and contracts effortlessly, then print them out or go digital by capturing e-signatures from customers on any mobile device.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Builder Prime’s precision reporting gives you up-to-the-minute, accurate project data and job progress updates. Once the job is done, leverage detailed reporting for the business management insights you need to optimize performance. Data-driven decisions help you plan future projects effectively, manage multiple jobs simultaneously, and confidently meet deadlines. Detailed sales reporting helps you keep track of rep performance, commissions, and profits all in one place.

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Automated Sales And Production Reporting

Proven Contractor Workflows

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Dashboard

Most CRMs and project management applications require technical expertise to implement, and even then, getting everything customized to your business is a time-intensive process. We designed Builder Prime to offer out-of-the-box workflow automations, templates, and functionality that save roofers time and generate value from day one. As you get more experience with the system, you can customize it as needed so that Builder Prime can do even more for your business.

All-Inclusive Project Management

Planning and coordinating the resources, costs, and time required for your teams’ assignments without automated management software isn’t just a headache – it can create bottlenecks that cost your company serious money. Builder Prime includes detailed Gantt charts that make keeping tabs on production and installation processes a snap – it’s like you’re right there on the job site with your team.

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Production Management

Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Worry Proof Follow Up

Switching from app to app to manage different aspects of your business may seem like a minor inconvenience, but all that wasted time adds up! Make Builder Prime the central hub of your back-office operations with built-in integrations that connect to many popular tools for roofers and contractors. For example, our Quickbooks integration automatically copies your transaction data, eliminating the risk of double invoicing and payment processing entry. In contrast, Outlook and Gmail integrations bring your communications into a single platform.

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Roofing Contractors Say Builder Prime Is The Best Roofing Software

I can easily see the KPIs for my window company—labor costs, material costs, commissions, closing rates … the works. This level of detail isn’t provided anywhere else. ’’

John K.

Great transformed my business and in the first week I captured an additional $7800 deal because the system allowed us not to drop the lead. ’’

Stefan B.

What strikes me most about the good experience I am enjoying is working with the team to develop the software; they are interested in hearing ideas for improvements. ’’

Chris C.

Overall experience is five stars. It has saved me tons of time and gives a much more professional branded experience to my clients. ’’

Drew C.

It’s the only CRM that lets you input a manual price. Also only CRM that helps build how your contract and proposal forms. We are very happy with this software. ’’

Scott W.

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Roofing Software FAQs

What Is Roofing Software?

Roofing CRM software is tailored to the unique needs of roofers and roofing projects. It’s a comprehensive tool to help you manage customer satisfaction at every project stage. You can leverage roofing software to manage referrals and provide timely lead notifications to your sales team for quick follow-up. You can also use it to keep in touch with customers, sending them professional-looking estimates and invoices or even notifying them that their installation team is en route and providing a phone number so the customer has a point of contact on the job site. It’s a force multiplier that helps you take low-value, repetitive tasks off your plate to focus on the big picture of running your roofing business and enhancing client satisfaction.

What Is The Best Roofing Estimating Software?

The best roofing estimating software solution is designed with the needs of roofing contractors in mind. It combines ease of use with comprehensive functionalities such as accurate cost estimation, material tracking, and real-time updates for labor management. A top-tier software solution also integrates seamlessly with other business tools, providing a cohesive platform for scheduling, client communication, and financial management. Look for roofing software that’s been highly rated by industry professionals and functions well out of the box while leaving room for customization.

Builder Prime ticks all of these boxes and more!

How Can Software Grow A Roofing Business?

Spending a few minutes each day transferring information from various sheets of paper into Excel sheets may not seem like a big deal, but it can add up to days of wasted time each year that could have been spent growing your business. Roofing software offers functionality that makes it easy to digitize and streamline or even eliminate inefficient manual workflows for material ordering, your sales process, and work orders that can hinder growth. Implementing software like Builder Prime ensures that every aspect of your business is optimized and accounted for, which is crucial for expanding your market share and securing more jobs.

How Does Roofing Software Improve Project Management And Estimation?

Roofing software significantly enhances project management and estimation processes for contractors. Roofers can use it to capture precise roof measurements for pinpoint-accurate estimates and create customized, branded, and professional-looking estimates, which can be pivotal in impressing customers and securing sales. Capturing e-signatures on mobile devices further increases efficiency and eliminates the chance of misplaced paperwork, simplifying contract and invoice management and allowing for seamless integration with other apps. The streamlined, drag-and-drop scheduling options offered by Builder Prime’s roofing software help eliminate confusion, conflicts, and bottlenecks in production and installation schedules to make project management a snap.

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