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Are you a painting contractor looking to grow your business, enhance your profits, and increase productivity? Builder Prime is the all-in-one business management platform with every tool you need to operate, manage, and thrive in the painting industry.

Builder Prime is a CRM, estimation, and production management solution for the modern business owner. Forget using separate programs for sales, marketing, and production—Builder Prime will see your painting projects through from lead to referral

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How Builder Prime Helps
Painting Contractors Thrive

CRM & Lead Follow-Up

Screenshot of lead tracking automation in Builder Prime on laptop

Painting leads aren’t cheap or easy to get, so it’s vital to prevent them from getting lost in your sales pipeline. Builder Prime’s all-in-one CRM features a fail-safe lead-tracking system that categorizes, updates, and advances your leads through your funnel. You can even leverage simple automation workflows that send worry-proof follow-up messages on your behalf.

Drag-And-Drop Scheduling

No more bottlenecks. No more headaches. With Builder Prime, it’s a cinch to streamline scheduling. Drag-and-drop calendars let you schedule (and reschedule) appointments on the fly, no matter your team size. Plus, automated notifications remind your team of upcoming appointments.

Screenshot of scheduling calendar in Builder Prime on laptop

Cloud-Based Estimation Software

Screenshot of estimation invoice in Builder Prime on laptop

A professional-looking painting estimate can build trust and establish authority. Using Builder Prime, you can generate professional, custom-branded painting estimates right on-site.

And say goodbye to messy paper trails: with our cloud-based software, you can capture e-signatures quickly and reduce project kickoff delays. It all contributes to a great customer experience that helps you win more business.

User-Friendly Metrics & Reporting

Builder Prime offers precise reporting on all of your key performance indicators. With a few clicks, you can track who has the best sales numbers, see which lead source generates the highest revenue, and know your marketing, sales, and production numbers down to the decimal—in real-time.

Screenshot of reporting dashboard in Builder Prime on laptop

Contractor-Specific Workflows

Screenshot of workflows automation in Builder Prime on laptop

Most CRM solutions aren’t designed with the average contractor in mind. Builder Prime is different: our simple, proven workflows and automation features work right out of the box—no costly, time-consuming setup necessary. You can continue fine-tuning Builder Prime’s settings as you go to create the perfect CRM for your specific business needs.

Intuitive Production Management Tools

Builder Prime provides all the day-to-day production management tools you’ll need.

We make it easy for any painting company to perform job costing, manage subcontractor bidding, capture time sheets, track work orders and painting job progress, and so much more.

Screenshot of production management calendar in Builder Prime on laptop

Integration With Popular Business Tools

Grid of 9 integration logos including Quickbooks, CompanyCam, Angi, and Home Advisor

Builder Prime integrates with dozens of third-party tools—including some of the best software and management tools for painting contractors, like:

  • Gmail and Outlook email platforms
  • Google Calendar
  • Lead sourcing from HomeAdvisor/Angi
  • Quickbooks accounting software

Check out our full list of integrations to see which parts of your tech stack are ready to connect with Builder Prime.

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Painting Business Software FAQ

What Is Painting Contractor Software?

Painting contractor software allows painting businesses to run their companies with ease. Some software options only handle CRM functionality to manage your lead follow-up and sales process, while others focus on production management, allowing users to issue painting estimates, track job progress, and automate various aspects of the business workflow.

Builder Prime does all of these things. It’s a trusted painting contractor software tool for businesses looking for all-in-one functionality. We make it easy to put your business on autopilot, freeing you up to focus on the activities that add value to your business and help it grow.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting Business Software?

Painting business software allows you to simplify management tasks and spend more time elevating customer experiences. For example, you can show customers how professional your business is right off the bat by issuing custom-branded digital estimates on-site. Tap into workflow automations to streamline repetitive project management tasks like scheduling and monitoring job progress. And use our GPS-based time tracking to ensure the production team remains efficient with your—and your customers’—time.

What Are The Key Features To Look For In Painting Business Management Software?

Not all painting business management software is built alike. When evaluating your options, look for all-in-one functionality that covers job progress and lead tracking, invoicing, and customer relationship management (CRM). Other features to prioritize include automated follow-up, customizable estimate templates, and a user-friendly mobile app.

Builder Prime excels in these areas, offering precision reporting and proven workflows to streamline operations. Best of all, it’s optimized to work right out of the box—no complicated setup required.

Can Painting Business Software Help With Estimating And Invoicing?

Yes, painting business software can significantly enhance estimating and invoicing processes for your business. With advanced job costing and pricing features, you can create an accurate, detailed painting estimate tailored to each project. Custom templates lend a professional touch, helping you build better relationships with customers.

Which Software Is Best For Managing A Painting Business’s Scheduling And Invoicing?

While there are many different tools available to manage scheduling and invoicing for your painting business, Builder Prime is the software solution painting contractors trust to help manage day-to-day back-office tasks.

Builder Prime also helps streamline your scheduling with drag-and-drop functionality. Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with popular applications like Google Calendar to keep everything moving smoothly with the tools you already use, all in one platform.

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