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Builder Prime Is Your All-In-One CRM, Estimation
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Are you a painting contractor looking to grow your business, enhance your profits, and increase productivity across the board? Builder Prime is the does-it-all CRM software suite that provides literally every tool you need to operate, manage, and THRIVE.

By “does it all,” we mean DOES IT ALL. Builder Prime is a CRM, estimation, and production management solution rolled into one state-of-the-art program. You don’t have to use separate programs for sales, marketing, and production—Builder Prime takes your projects ALL the way through to completion.

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How Builder Prime CRM Software Helps
Painting Contractors THRIVE

No Lost Leads… PERIOD

Builder Prime Contractor Crm Software Suite Fail Safe Lead Tracking Automation

Let’s face it: painting leads don’t typically come cheap… or easy. That’s why it’s VITAL not to let any get lost in your sales pipeline. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done when you have to constantly track and update each lead yourself.

Builder Prime solves this problem for GOOD. It contains a groundbreaking automated lead-tracking system that categorizes, updates, and advances leads for you as they flow through your sales funnel.

The result? No lead ever gets lost in the shuffle… AND you never have to take the time to manually track your leads again.

Win. Win.

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Set Follow-Up On Autopilot

Tracking leads will only get you so far, though. If you’re not FOLLOWING UP with those leads in the right ways and at the right times, you’re going to lose them somewhere in your sales pipeline. It’s that simple.

Builder Prime remembers to follow up so you don’t have to. As a lead advances through your sales pipeline, Builder Prime prompts you how to follow up… or performs the follow-up FOR YOU. The level of text and email automation is fully customizable.

What’s more, Builder Prime’s worry-proof follow-up also works for existing customers and internal communications. You can set the system to automatically email project updates to customers… send post-job thank-you emails to get more 5-star reviews and referrals… text task reminders to staff… and much more.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Worry Proof Follow Up

Scheduling Made EASY

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Streamlined Sales And Production Scheduling

Whether you have a handful of employees or several fleets of them, keeping everything on schedule can be TOUGH. This is especially true when you’re managing your sales and production schedules using different programs.

Builder Prime streamlines your operations with a powerful scheduler program. Drag-and-drop calendars for sales and production make scheduling easier than ever. Automated notifications remind your team of upcoming appointments and tasks. Customizable permissions let the right people easily retrieve contact details, get turn-by-turn directions, and see all previous interactions with leads and customers. And much, much (much!) more.

No more bottlenecks. No more scheduling headaches. That’s what happens when you coordinate your operations with Builder Prime.

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The Estimation Tools You Need

People will judge a book by its cover… and a painting company by its estimate. If your estimates, contracts, and proposals don’t LOOK PROFESSIONAL, they’re hurting your sales. Period.

After all, who would you trust more if you were a homeowner: The painter who scribbles a quote on a napkin or types slaps together a quick estimate in Word… or the painter who hands you a beautiful, branded, polished, itemized proposal?

With Builder Prime, it’s easy to be the latter. Powerful estimate customization tools let you create gorgeous customer-facing documentation that conveys consummate professionalism… and helps you clinch more sales. Your documents can even be displayed electronically, allowing you to capture e-signatures and get paid faster.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

Know ALL Of Your Numbers

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Automated Sales And Production Reporting

The only way to grow your company is to KNOW your company. If you don’t have accurate, detailed reporting about the different aspects of your business, you can’t make the informed decisions you need to reach higher levels of success.

From the moment you implement it, Builder Prime starts crunching your company’s numbers. You’ll have data-driven, 100% accurate reporting on all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). See who has the best sales numbers. Learn which lead source is generating the highest revenue per lead. Compare estimates to actuals. And know your marketing, sales, and production numbers down to the decimal.

Bottom line: With this level of insight, you’ll have the ability to easily make growth-based, profit-generating business decisions.

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Workflows That Make Sense

Most CRM solutions aren’t made with contractors in mind. Even the ones that are contractor-specific typically take a ton of time and money to set up before you can even THINK about using them.

Builder Prime is different—the polar opposite, in fact. The software was developed from the ground up based on the workflows of the average contractor. This means Builder Prime’s default settings are configured to work right out of the box. No costly, time-consuming setup. No confusing technical setup.

From there, you can fine-tune Builder Prime’s settings and automations as needed to make it truly your own. Any and all aspects can be customized precisely how YOU want them.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Dashboard

Full-Scale Production Management

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Production Management

Builder Prime solves one of the biggest issues painting contractors have with CRM software: lack of production management. The average CRM solution can only help you up until you close the sale. Once that sales moves to the production phase, you’re on your own.

But Builder Prime? It’s not just a CRM solution… it’s a comprehensive, “everything AND the kitchen sink” production management solution:

  • Manage subcontractor bidding and purchase orders
  • Track your employees with a GPS-based time clock
  • Capture time sheets
  • Perform job costing
  • Manage work orders

And that’s just the beginning. With Builder Prime, you have all the tools you need to successfully manage a project from start to finish.

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Builder Prime FAQ

How Is Builder Prime Different From Other Contractor CRM Software?

Builder Prime is so much more than just a Customer Relationship Management system for painting contractors. In addition to being powerful CRM software, it’s also an all-inclusive estimation and production management program. It has all the tools you need to manage and grow your painting company successfully.

Take a look at how Builder Prime compares to other CRM software solutions that professional painters use:

What Does Builder Prime CRM Software Cost?

Builder Prime offers several plans to suit painting contractors of any size and situation. Plans start at only $79 a month. Check out our Pricing page to see which plan works best for YOU.

What Contractor Apps Does Builder Prime Integrate With?

Builder Prime seamlessly integrates with the apps painting contractors use most: Angi Ads (formerly Angie’s List), Angi Leads (formerly Home Advisor), CompanyCam, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Google Calendar, Apex Chat, and more. The full list is available on our Apps & Integrations page.

What Size Companies Does Builder Prime Work For?

Builder Prime is designed to work for any painting contractor, no matter how large or small your company. Whether you have one employee, 10, or 100, Builder Prime will smoothly incorporate into your operations. It’s the CRM software that offers true scalability.

Can I Try Builder Prime CRM Software For Free?

Yes! Take advantage of our Free 14-Day Trial that gives you two weeks to test out Builder Prime and see what it can offer your business. You don’t need to input your credit card info or make any kind of commitment, so the trial is 100% risk-free.

If any questions arise before, during, or after your trial, please reach out to us. We would love to talk to you about Builder Prime and what it can do for your business.

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