All-In-One CRM Solution for Concrete Coating Companies

CRM, Estimating & Production Management Tools Concrete Contractors Need To Save Time & Grow Their Business.

Are you a concrete coating contractor that’s looking to take your business to the next level? Builder Prime is the contractor-specific software suite that provides the CRM, estimating, and production management tools you need to successfully run and scale your company.

No more spreadsheets. No more sticky notes. No more generic, barebones CRM. With Builder Prime, you can manage every aspect of your operations in one single program.

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How Builder Prime Helps You Manage & Grow Your Concrete Coating Business

Lead Tracking On “Autopilot”

Builder Prime Contractor Crm Software Suite Fail Safe Lead Tracking Automation

Concrete coating leads don’t come cheap, so the last thing you want is any falling through the cracks. Letting that happen to even ONE lead can cost you thousands of dollars.

Builder Prime solves this issue with fail-safe lead tracking technology. Each and every lead is automatically tracked and updated as it progresses through your sales pipeline.

The result? No lead gets left behind—EVER.

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No-Worries Follow-Up

Tracking leads is only part of the equation. If you’re not following up at the right times and in the right ways, you’re not maximizing your conversions.

Builder Prime comes with powerful automated follow-up systems. It prompts you to follow up with leads AND customers at the appropriate times… or does the follow up FOR you. You can fully automate email and text messages for true speed-to-lead follow up.

Since the system is fully customizable, the amount of automation is up to you. But no matter how you custom-tailor Builder Prime’s follow-up systems, one thing is certain: You’ll turn more concrete coating leads into sales, and more customers into glowing reviews and referrals.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Worry Proof Follow Up

Smooth & Easy Scheduling

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Streamlined Sales And Production Scheduling

Whether you have one employee or one hundred, Builder Prime’s comprehensive scheduling tools allow you to schedule your sales, marketing, and production teams with ease.

Drag-and-drop calendars make reassigning tasks and rescheduling meetings a breeze. In-depth Gantt charts let you zero in on even the most specific project details. And advanced customization settings give you total control of how you want your scheduling processes to run.

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Branded Estimates How YOU Want

Believe it or not, but the look of your contracts and estimates can make the difference between a homeowner saying “yes” or “no.” Not much will turn off a prospect quicker than a hastily written quote or barebones Word document.

With Builder Prime, you can create beautiful, branded, professional-looking contracts, estimates, and invoices. Customize them just the way YOU want them, and even present them on mobile devices to capture customer signatures electronically.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

Precision Reporting Automation

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Automated Sales And Production Reporting

The only way to maximize your company’s growth is to know your numbers. Making decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data is why many contractors remain at stagnant profit levels for years.

From the moment it’s implemented into your company’s operations, Builder Prime starts tracking all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You’ll have down-to-the-decimal-accurate reporting for your leads, sales, marketing, and production. These insights will allow you to make all the right decisions to grow your company.

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Workflows That WORK

Most CRM programs aren’t made specifically for contractors. As a result, they can take A LOT of time and money to set up for your company… and STILL may not work exactly how you need them to.

Builder Prime is different. As a contractor-specific CRM software suite, it starts working for your company from day one with proven, automated workflows. Once it’s up and running, you can quickly and easily fine-tune any of Builder Prime’s settings to FULLY synergize with your company’s operational procedures.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Dashboard

Top-Notch Production Management

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Production Management

Builder Prime is more than CRM software—it’s also a comprehensive production management program.

Schedule your production crews. Manage your subcontractors. Compare estimates to actuals. Track installer productivity with a GPS time clock. Organize your work orders. Process payments online. Builder Prime contains literally everything you need to successfully manage the production side of your concrete coating company.

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Contractor Reviews Of Builder Prime CRM Software

Great transformed my business and in the first week I captured an additional $7800 deal because the system allowed us not to drop the lead. ’’

Stefan B.

What strikes me most about the good experience I am enjoying is working with the team to develop the software; they are interested in hearing ideas for improvements. ’’

Chris C.

Overall experience is five stars. It has saved me tons of time and gives a much more professional branded experience to my clients. ’’

Drew C.

It’s the only CRM that lets you input a manual price. Also only CRM that helps build how your contract and proposal forms. We are very happy with this software. ’’

Scott W.

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Builder Prime FAQ

How Does Builder Prime Compare To Other CRMs For Concrete Coating Contractors?

Builder Prime is more than a Customer Relationship Management solution for concrete coating contractors. It’s powerful CRM, estimating, and production management software… all rolled into one powerful, user-friendly program.

To see how Builder Prime compares to other popular CRM software for concrete coating contractors, explore these pages:

What Does Builder Prime CRM Software Cost?

Builder Prime plans start at just $79 a month. Visit our Pricing page to explore our different plans and see which is right for your company.

What Contractor Apps Does Builder Prime Integrate With?

Builder Prime integrates with the apps that concrete coating contractors use most: Angi Leads, Angie Ads, CompanyCam, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Apex Chat, and much more. See the full list of apps on our Apps & Integrations page.

What Size Companies Does Builder Prime Work For?

Builder Prime is designed for every concrete coating contractor, no matter their size. Whether you have one employee, 20, or 200, Builder Prime can seamlessly integrate into your operations to help you save time and GROW.

Can I Try Builder Prime CRM Software For Free?

Yes! Take advantage of our Free 14-Day Trial. You’ll get two full weeks to try out Builder Prime and see what it can do for your business. No credit card or commitment required.

If you have any questions before, during, or after your trial, reach out to us. We’re happy to talk to you about Builder Prime in as much detail as you’d like!

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