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Builder Prime’s Proven Workflows Integrate Into Your Business Immediately.

Most CRM software isn’t made with contractors in mind. Because of that, they can take tons of time and money to set up before they’re even remotely functional for your business. Honestly, even setting up many contractor-specific CRMs can cost thousands of dollars and require hours of technical configuration. Builder Prime is different. We understand that you have ZERO time to waste (you’re running a business, after all!). So we engineered our software with proven, successful out-of-the-box functionality. We carefully designed Builder Prime’s default settings based on what most contractors need to save time and GROW. This means Builder Prime starts working for you from day one, minute one. From there, you can fine-tune customizations, automations, and settings to fully calibrate it to YOUR operations.
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How Builder Prime’s Proven Workflows Benefit Your Business From Day One

Instantly Tracks Leads

The moment you input a lead’s info, Builder Prime tracks it through your lead-to-sales pipeline from start to finish.

Total Workflow Automation

Workflows progress automatically as your projects advance from one stage to the next. No manual entry necessary.

“Forget-Proof” Self-Updating

With other CRMs, you have to remember to constantly update data. Builder Prime does the updating for you. Everything’s always in the right place at the right time.

Concrete, Actionable Data

Builder Prime immediately starts crunching your numbers and generating precise reports for your key performance indicators. Get concrete data from day one.

Clear-Cut Scheduling

Builder Prime is equipped with intuitive scheduling tools: drag-and-drop calendars, Gantt charts, and MUCH more.

Follow-Up Without Setup

Builder Prime’s built-in follow-up system prompts you when to reach out to leads and customers… or does it FOR you!

Built-In Template Creation

Create beautiful email, SMS, estimate, and contract templates fast with versatile, built-in template creation tools.

Customize As Needed

You can fully customize Builder Prime’s workflows for YOUR specific company. Total optimization is easy!

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Why Contractors Love Builder Prime’s Proven Workflows

Been in the commercial roofing industry for 25 years. This is definitely the best program to run an efficient company I have ever seen or used. Nice job! ’’ Joseph M.
Overall experience is five stars. It has saved me tons of time and gives a much more professional branded experience to my clients. ’’ Drew C.
It’s the only CRM that lets you input a manual price. It is also the only CRM that helps you build your contract and proposal forms We are very happy with this software. Scott W.
Has helped my business grow, almost doubling my sales. Whenever I have had any problems, customer service has walked me through and addressed them. Thomas D.

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Builder Prime Is For EVERY Kind Of Contractor, No Matter The Industry

Don’t see your specific type of business listed here? Builder Prime is the specialized CRM software suite for home improvement, specialty, replacement, and commercial contractors. If that’s you, contact us to see how we can help!