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January 2, 2022
Case Study

Builder Prime CRM Case Study:
The Men With Tools

When This Window & Door Company Wanted To Switch
Their CRM, Builder Prime Was THE Perfect Upgrade.

Company: The Men With Tools

Contractor Industry: Windows And Doors

Goal: Find a contractor-specific CRM solution that also handles the production side of the business

Builder Prime Plan: Custom

The Men With Tools is a window and door contractor based in Staten Island, NY. They opened in 2013, and they’ve been successfully growing the business year in and year out.

Before choosing Builder Prime, The Men With Tools had been using another contractor CRM solution for several years. The program did an okay job on the lead/marketing side of things, but it severely lacked production management features.

Because of this, The Men With Tools had to use a separate program when a job switched from sales to production. As a contractor, you know first hand how clunky and counterintuitive that process can be. The Men With Tools owner John Kolbaska eventually decided it was time to change things up.

The company was constantly growing, so they didn’t have time to waste on managing projects piecemeal. They needed a contractor CRM solution that handled EVERYTHING from start to finish: marketing, sales, production… the works. And they needed it to be A) user-friendly, B) fully customizable, and C) have the ability to scale with their ever-growing company.

So John turned to the only contractor-specific CRM software that fit the bill: Builder Prime.

A Contractor CRM Solution Built On The “Frontlines”

One thing that really sold John on Builder Prime was its “in-the-trenches” development. While creating the program, Builder Prime developers actually spent time carrying out research at home improvement companies.

“You can tell that most contractor CRMs are developed with little to no input from actual contractors,” John said. “What I like about Builder Prime is that the developers actually went to the frontlines to see how contractors operate.”

This hands-on style of development is one of the big reasons contractors find Builder Prime so user-friendly and contains proven workflows right out of the box. The research and firsthand experience that went into development is how Builder Prime’s interface flows seamlessly within the average contractor’s processes.

A Silky-Smooth Transfer

One of the more painful parts of switching CRM solutions? Transferring all that customer data from the old program to the new one.

Running a growing company, John wanted his new CRM software to minimize this hassle… and that’s exactly what Builder Prime does.

“Honestly,” John said,” “I had more trouble getting my data out of my existing CRM than I did getting it uploaded to Builder Prime.”

That’s because all John had to do was provide his company and customer info—his Builder Prime representative took care of the rest. Within 48 hours, ALL of The Men With Tools’ data was uploaded to their Builder Prime account. This meant the client could start utilizing features such as precision reporting precision reporting, estimate creation , and fail-safe lead tracking WITHOUT any cumbersome setup.

The Fastest, Best Support In The CRM Industry

A major pain point contractors have with CRM software companies is slow, hands-off customer support.

“With other CRM programs,” John said, “you submit a ticket and maybe get a response in a few days that links you to some YouTube self-help video. You’re on your own.”

Builder Prime is different. With features such as dedicated Account Managers, remote training, and live screen sharing*, contractors like John have every customer-support resource at their disposal.

“If I email a question, I almost always get a phone call within the hour,” John said. “That’s unheard-of service for a tech company.”

Every Tool A Window & Door Contractor Needs

Proven contractor workflows? Check. A smooth data transfer process? Check. High-touch customer support? Check.

Those aren’t, however, the only things that sold John on Builder Prime. Here are a few other features he loves—in his own words:

  • Hyper-Specific Lead Categories: The automated lead tracking and categorization are amazing. I especially like how lost leads are placed into their own category.”
  • Easy To See KPIs: “Builder Prime lets me easily see all my Key Performance Indicators—labor costs, material costs, commissions, closing rates, net sales per lead issued… the works. This level of detail isn’t provided anywhere else.”
  • A Logical Interface: “With a lot of CRM software, the user interface is either outdated or doesn’t really make sense. Builder Prime is intuitive, streamlined, and simple to operate.”
  • Total Customization: “With other CRM programs, you have to make your business fit around the program. Builder Prime is different—it’s built to fit around YOU.”

Since switching CRM solutions, John couldn’t be happier. With a comprehensive, easy-to-use program like Builder Prime running the show, The Men With Tools has the ULTIMATE business tool they need to continue to grow into a wildly successful window and door company.

*Certain support features available with specific plans. View Pricing Page for details.

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