Improve Sales, Customer Service, and All the Things with Automated Text Messaging in Builder Prime!

November 13, 2021

Improve Sales, Customer Service, and All the Things with Automated Text Messaging in Builder Prime!

It is common knowledge that text messaging is a much more effective way to communicate with your leads and customers these days. Email remains a great tool as well, but the open and response rates from text messages blows everything else out of the water. That’s why we are excited to announce that we have made it super easy to communicate with all of your leads and customers via text messaging right from your Builder Prime CRM!

Your CRM is the single source of the truth, and we built the Builder Prime CRM to be the most truthful CRM you can ever find because of all of the automation built into the industry specific workflows. Knowing the down-to-the-second truth about your leads and customers is what enables you to follow up most appropriately and effectively. For quite some time, you’ve been able to do automatic email follow ups, but now we’ve added text messaging as well. When your lead or customer responds back to the message, you will get instantly notified and you can continue the conversation right from the new SMS Conversation Dashboard. The SMS Conversation Dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple conversations all at the same time. And since all of this activity is occurring right inside your CRM, you have all the relevant information about each lead and customer at your fingerprints. That means no more constantly switching between apps in order to get the full picture and provide relevant responses. Not only that, all of the detailed SMS messages and conversations are automatically stored in the CRM so you can easily see the full history of your most important interactions.

SMS Dashboard

Here are some of the most common scenarios for using SMS automation:

  • Speed-to-Lead: For leads that come into your CRM through your website, or from a lead generation service like Angi or Thumbtack, making that initial contact right away is absolutely key to increasing your appointment set rate with these leads. Use Builder Prime to send a text message to these leads in less than one minute and get the conversation started.
  • Appointment Setting: Similar to the Speed-to-Lead strategy, you can send text messages to your new leads that have not yet set a sales appointment with you. Set up a few automated touches until they set up that appointment.
  • Appointment Confirmations and Reminders: Reduce no-shows and provide even better service by using automated text messages to confirm appointments and send out reminders.
  • Appointment/Sales Follow-ups: Get better feedback and close more sales by sending automated follow-up text messages after the sales appointment or after sending the estimate.
  • Rehash: Capture more sales that otherwise would have been lost by triggering an automated rehash SMS campaign at just the right time.
  • Installation Date Confirmations and Reminders: Keep your customer informed about their upcoming installations with automated SMS notifications and reminders.
  • Job Follow-up and Review Collection: Send your customer an SMS message to check on their overall satisfaction and even include a link to submit an online review.

These are just some common and suggested ways of using the SMS automations, but there really is no limit to how you can use the functionality. You can even use it as a nudge for your sales reps or to notify employees about different updates in the CRM.

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