New Reports: Sales Rates and Customer Acquisition Costs

February 24, 2018

New Reports: Sales Rates and Customer Acquisition Costs

There are three new reports available in the system to help you with your marketing and sales analysis:

  • Sales Rates by Lead Source
  • Sales Rates by Sales Person
  • Customer Acquisition Costs

In the Sales Rates by Lead Source and Sales Rates by Salesperson reports, you get a better understanding of exactly how different lead sources and salespeople are performing in terms of acquiring quality leads and turning leads into customers. The reports will show 4 different rates: appointment set rates, appointment run rates, job sold rates, and closing rates. These rates are driven off of the different lead statuses you have set in the system. You can configure one lead status to represent an appointment being set, one to represent an appointment being run, and one to represent a job being sold. The order of the lead statuses is important. For example, as long as a lead has progressed to or past the appointment set status (or bucket) in the order, the system will recognize them as having an appointment set. When you run the report, it will warn you if you don’t have one your statuses set appropriately. Armed with the data from these reports, you will be able to better understand where to allocate your advertising and marketing dollars. You will also be able to see more accurately how your salespeople are performing according to the most important metrics.

The other new report is the customer acquisition cost report. You can now track your advertising spend against each of your lead sources, and run this report to see how much it costs you to acquire each lead and each customer during the specified time frame. Maybe you thought that a particular advertisement was working well for you to acquire new customers, but in reality, you might be getting more bang for your buck from other advertisements. Or perhaps that advertisement that seemed to be working well is actually not worth the investment based on how much it really costs to acquire the customers. With this report, you will be able to instantly see exactly which advertisements work the best for your business.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about these reports or any of the configurations that control how the reports work.

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