Roofing CRM Software: Benefits and Best CRMs

July 3, 2024

Roofing CRM Software: Benefits and Best CRMs

Tracking leads, taking measurements, and generating invoices are just a few of the tasks roofing companies have to do every day. But while these activities are crucial to keeping your business running, they’re ultimately time-consuming tasks that prevent you from further expanding your business.

That’s why roofing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has not only become a trending topic but an essential part of the operational puzzle for roofing contractors. As a business owner, your CRM keeps you aligned with everyone in your organization—from your sales team to your production team to your customers—and provides crucial functionalities that streamline your operations.

Roofing CRM software manages all the tasks you regularly perform as part of your home improvement business, including producing estimates, recording data, and serving up analytics. A good CRM software increases efficiency and helps keep homeowners in the loop about the status of their projects and payments.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the benefits of CRMs in home improvement, including their features and the best solutions available today.

Why Use a Roofing CRM?

Roofing CRM software is business management software that helps roofing businesses handle their essential functions and customer data. It allows for better lead organization, communication, and customer experiences.

What is a CRM going to do to make your business more efficient? This specialized software also supports different kinds of automation and integrations to improve your team’s performance. For example, lead follow-up functionality allows you to easily track potential clients and automatically send targeted messages based on their position in your sales pipeline. Once you convert prospects into customers, job scheduling capabilities simplify scheduling and oversight of roofing projects, helping you stay on schedule and aware of your team’s progress.

Other popular tools in roofing CRM software allow you to track:

  • Customer data
  • Billing and compliance data
  • Pricing
  • Customer communications

This data is the heart of your roofing company, and automated reporting from your roofing CRM helps ensure it’s accurate, up-to-date, and consistent, minimizing the risk of errors when sharing data between departments or updating customer accounts.

With a cloud-based CRM, you can access and manage all your business information from anywhere with an internet connection. You aren’t tied to a desk or device, making this an ideal solution for roofing businesses where managers are often on-site with production or sales teams.

Benefits of CRMs For Roofers

CRM software offers many operational and financial advantages for roofing companies. These benefits also benefit your customers, providing a streamlined professional experience that encourages them to return to your business or recommend your services to others.

Consolidate Customer Information

Roofing companies handle a wide range of customer data including:

  • Contact information including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses
  • Property details such as measurements, complications, and requests
  • Communication records including emails, phone calls, and in-person visits
  • Preferred payment methods such as credit cards and bank account numbers
  • Previous transactions and job statuses

The problem is that many of these details are often spread across different systems and teams. Some may be in the hands of your sales team, while contractors might gather and record others. Roofing CRM software brings all this customer information into one platform so you can quickly look at a customer’s complete profile and fully understand their needs.

Enable Effortless Follow-Up

Staying in regular communication with all your leads and customers can be overwhelming, but failing to reach out to someone at the right moment could hurt your sales, reputation, and referrals. A CRM that provides lead tracking and management can send you reminders when it’s time to reconnect, collect a past-due payment, or encourage a prospect to close a deal. Even better, it can send automated follow-ups on your behalf based on where a lead is in the sales pipeline or what’s happening with a customer’s roofing project.

Encourage Time & Task Efficiency

Many roofing companies waste a lot of energy and effort on repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Managing customer information
  • Writing estimates, contracts, and work orders
  • Chasing down unpaid invoices and processing payments

A user-friendly CRM can take over many of these tasks so your team can focus on providing strong customer support and completing superior roofing jobs. A CRM with performance analytics can also highlight inefficient workflows that rob your team of valuable time or take their focus away from more important activities.

Promote Internal Team Alignment

Sales teams and production teams often feel miles apart, particularly when they use different programs, applications, and tools to manage their work. A roofing CRM puts everyone on the same page by giving them access to a single dashboard to manage all their tasks. Fostering closer collaboration leaves less room for mistakes due to confusion or miscommunications.

Best Roofing CRM Software

The CRM software market hit $91.43 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $262.74 billion over the next several years. This increasingly crowded market offers a wide range of roofing CRM providers, but not all of them have what it takes to make your business operations more effective.

These are the top options for leading roofing contractors:

Builder Prime

Pricing: Starting at $99/Month

Why It’s A Great Roofing CRM: Comprehensive features and scalability make Builder Prime an ideal solution for roofing businesses of every size.

Software Summary:

Designed to cover customer jobs from start to finish, Builder Prime is the best roofing CRM available. Its lead tracking capabilities capture, update, and advance prospects through your sales pipeline, while automated follow-up software reaches out to your leads and customers before they get frustrated or start to feel ignored. In addition, easy-to-use scheduling software with drag-and-drop calendars and automated reminders keep your sales efforts and production tasks in sync and on track. Builder Prime can generate professional custom-branded templates for estimates, contracts, invoices, and change orders. Its advanced reporting features offer an in-depth look at your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Builder Prime also offers features that go beyond basic roofing CRM software. These include proven contractor-inspired workflows that instantly enhance your business operations, such as online payment processing, subcontractor bidding, and work order management tools. Because roofing businesses use a variety of applications, Builder Prime offers out-of-the-box integrations with many popular external tools, including QuickBooks, Hover, and Eagle View, allowing you to create a cohesive system that better serves your business and your customers. And to provide a great experience for customers, Builder Prime provides a customer portal that allows them to access their contracts, view and make payments, apply for financing, and more.


Pricing: Contact Acculynx for a custom quote.

Why It’s A Great Roofing CRM: Acculynx supports your sales process and production with specific features for payments, workflows, and leads.

Software Summary:

Acculynx includes important CRM features, including lead intelligence, estimating systems, and project management. The sales side of their CRM stores contact records and prioritizes follow-ups, while their production software offers a calendar and scheduling options. Acculynx also includes a portal for customers to see details about their roofing job, review documents, make payments, apply for financing, and send you messages. However, some users complain that it has a steep learning curve that may be challenging for less tech-savvy business owners.

Job Nimbus

Pricing: Contact Job Nimbus for a custom quote.

Why It’s A Great Roofing CRM: Offering marketing, billing, sales, and production features, Job Nimbus is a solid platform with some limitations.

Software Summary:

Job Nimbus has useful marketing, sales, production, communication, and billing tools. It allows you to collect and process bank transfers, credit card transactions, and more. It also offers real-time pricing information for customers. With the Job Nimbus platform, you can track and organize leads, take job photos, and build proposals. Users sometimes struggle with the platform’s navigation and feel it lacks integrations with critical tools like Salesforce and Gmail. Additionally, while it has several key features specific to the roofing industry, it doesn’t cover all the tasks a roofing business owner will likely need to engage with as part of their day-to-day business management processes.

Features To Look For In A Roofing CRM

A robust CRM benefits your team and your customers. It empowers you to communicate more clearly and work more efficiently, all while cutting costs and saving resources.

Every CRM offers a unique set of tools, and you should look for the one that’s the best fit for your business structure and needs. For most roofing contractors, these are the most critical features to look for in CRM software:

  • Customer Profiles: To best serve your customers, you must understand them. Your roofing CRM should include profiles that go beyond email addresses and phone numbers to describe your existing or ideal customers.
  • Lead Tracking: Prevent leads from leaving your sales pipeline with a tracking system that follows them through every stage. This helps your sales reps nurture relationships, track net sales per lead issued (NSLI), and ultimately increase roofing sales.
  • Automated Segmented Email & SMS: An effective CRM solution can automatically send messages to leads and customers to keep them engaged with your business, improve satisfaction, and close more deals. Automated emails and text messages save time and increase personalization, so you don’t waste effort on unnecessary phone calls.
  • Job/Task Scheduling: Coordinating your sales and production teams with a job and task scheduling system prevents bottlenecks and helps avoid delays. Look for roofing CRM software with simple, straightforward scheduling tools and detailed calendar information.
  • Project Management: A good CRM solution will allow you to streamline and oversee every aspect of your roofing projects, from customer estimates to work orders. Look for comprehensive roofer-specific project management features, such as tools for capturing accurate roof measurements.
  • Materials & Inventory Tracking: With the right CRM software, you’ll always know what materials you have on hand, avoiding the nasty surprise of needing to order new supplies. Scheduled materials assignment reporting prevents unnecessary disruptions that frustrate your customers and your team.
  • Estimating, Billing & Invoicing: Your roofing CRM should make it easy to create estimates, send invoices, and collect payments from customers. Find an option that allows for multiple payment types to accommodate as many preferences as possible.
  • Digital Signatures: There’s no need to worry about printing, mailing, and receiving documents when your CRM can collect digital signatures. This added convenience for your customers also streamlines and speeds up your processes.
  • Data & Analytics Reporting: Say goodbye to manual data entry and exhausting analysis with CRM software that does the heavy lifting for you. Rely on detailed reporting dashboards to dig deep into your KPIs to enhance your operational performance and the efficiency of your workflows.
  • Mobile App/Cloud-Based Software: Your CRM shouldn’t be tethered to a single device. Look for cloud-based software with iOS and Android apps for mobile devices, so you can manage your operations even when you’re at a job site.
  • Integrations: Your CRM is just one of the management tools that keep your business running. Create a seamless tech stack by selecting software that integrates with your other applications and automatically moves information, such as aerial measurements, into your estimates and roofing project plans.

Builder Prime offers all these features, including out-of-the-box integrations with popular contracting apps like QuickBooks, Outlook, HomeAdvisor/Angie, and more. Plus, we offer additional functionalities that other providers don’t, giving business owners a comprehensive solution to all their management problems.

That’s why Builder Prime isn’t just the best CRM software for roofing contractors – it’s the all-in-one solution you need to grow your roofing business. Request your demo today!

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