The New Production Calendar is Here

June 14, 2020

The New Production Calendar is Here

The new Production Calendar is here! With this latest release of the production calendar, you have a ton of new features and capabilities at your fingertips to help you manage your production schedule. Here is a rundown of what’s new.

Sales Calendar vs. Production Calendar

The calendars in Builder Prime have been renamed to more accurately reflect how they are used. The Scheduler is now renamed as the Sales Calendar, and the Project Calendar is now renamed as the Production Calendar. The Sales Calendar will only show the meetings, reminders, and to-do tasks that are assigned to employees. You will no longer find the project tasks and work orders here – they are now shown exclusively on the Production Calendar. The Production Calendar will show all of the scheduled projects, production task assignments, and the work orders.

More Helpful Color Options

Up until now, the app would assign random colors to your projects on the production calendar so you could easily associate them with the project list on the left, and drill into the schedule for each of your different projects. That view still exists, but now you can also view your projects on the production calendar with different colors for each specific Project Manager, Foreman, or Sales Person.


There is another new feature for project placeholders. This will allow you to reserve certain dates on the production schedule without actually scheduling a project there. It will just give a visual indicator on the calendar that the date is being held or blocked off for any reason.

Assignments View

This is one of the more powerful new features introduced in the new Production Calendar. Now you can manage the calendar much more effectively for your employees and/or subcontractors. Switch from the ‘Projects’ view to the ‘Assignments’ view and see all of the assignments in one place, with specific colors you can set for each of the different assignees. You can set a different color to use for each of your employees and subcontractors to make it easier to understand the assignments as a whole across the entire schedule. Or alternatively, you can drill into individual employees or subcontractors to get a look at just their individual schedules.

Gaps Within Project Schedules

Sometimes you might have a project that has one or more gaps in the middle of it. Previously, the calendar would show the project spanning the entire duration from the beginning to end regardless of whether or not there were gaps in the schedule for that project. That made it difficult to understand where other work can truly be scheduled. Now you will see your projects broken into chunks so you can much more easily understand which dates and times are booked up and which are not.

Masked Data on Production Calendar

Sometimes there will be someone in the company who needs to schedule a job, but doesn’t have access to all the projects on the calendar. Previously, those projects just wouldn’t show up, so that employee would not be able to schedule properly. With this latest release of the production calendar, all employees who have access to at least some projects will be able to see where all projects are scheduled. They just will not be able to see any information about those other projects. The project names and details will all be hidden, unless that employee has more access to that specific project.

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