Rockstars of Remodeling Podcast | The Value of Contractor Leads

March 5, 2024

Rockstars of Remodeling Podcast | The Value of Contractor Leads

On this episode of Rock Stars of Remodeling, Pro Remodeler’s Director of Home Improvement Drew Barto sits down with Builder Prime Founder and CEO Jonathan Weinberg to discuss several timely marketing and sales topics that remodeling and home improvement contractors will want to hear, including the value of contractor leads.

The Value of Contractor Leads

Jonathan reveals how contractors can effectively determine the value of each lead to their business, and why they must do so.

He also addresses the key challenges faced by home improvement contractors in managing and nurturing leads through their entire pipeline or funnel.

“Leads are slipping through the cracks due to a lack of follow-up,” says Jonathan on the podcast. “There are a lot of different processes that some of the most successful contractors that I see and that I work with put in place to make sure that the follow-up is happening and that the communication is happening. And it’s really important that communication be done in a timely way and that the messaging is right.”

The Happy Path for Contractor Leads

Finally, he introduces the concept of the “happy path” in a sales pipeline and explains how key touch points along this path contribute to the success of a business. Plus, he shares what to do when leads deviate from the “happy path”.

“I make sure that the same types of consistent processes and communications are happening every single time, regardless of where that lead is and where they end up,” says Jonathan. “It’s really important to tailor the communications based on what has happened thus far but also to make sure that those communications are consistently happening every single time. That way you can be sure that you’re providing the best possible experience and giving yourself the best possible chance to get them back on to the path of happiness.”

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  • Drew Barto, Director of Home Improvement, Pro Remodeler
  • Jonathan Weinberg, Founder & CEO, Builder Prime

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