New Feature: Scheduled Material and Assignment Reporting

August 2, 2022

New Feature: Scheduled Material and Assignment Reporting

Are you looking for a Contractor CRM that also helps you plan, manage, and analyze your inventory and labor? Builder Prime is that robust CRM sytem you’ve been looking for!

With the introduction of the new Scheduled Assignments report, you can now easily view all of your assigned employees, employee profiles, subcontractors, AND materials according to how they’re scheduled out on your production calendar. You can look in the past to see how you’ve historically allocated these resources, and you can also look into the future to plan out what kinds of labors and materials you need to make sure you have on hand.

Depending on the timeframe selected for the report, you’ll be able to analyze these allocations by day, week, or month. Simply allocate your labor and materials on your jobs as usual, and the report will take care of the rest.

Simply head over to the Reports section in the app and run the Scheduled Assignments report to try it out.

Builder Prime is a cloud-based CRM, estimating, scheduling, and production management software specifically for home improvement and commercial contractors. Take a look at our pricing, or get started with a free trial today!