10 Best CRMs for Home Service Contractors

July 3, 2024

10 Best CRMs for Home Service Contractors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a business management tool that tracks and supports your connections with prospects and customers. The primary purpose of CRM software is to increase your lead generation, nurture relationships with new leads, and create a positive customer experience by streamlining your operations to ensure consistent communication.

A CRM platform allows you to automate interactions with leads and customers and meet their needs at different stages of your sales pipeline. With a cloud-based CRM, you can carry out all these activities from any location or device.

These are the best CRMs available today:

However, choosing the right CRM is challenging. In this article, we’ll review all these platforms and explain how home service companies and contractors can use them successfully.

1. Builder Prime

Best For: Small, medium, and enterprise-size home remodeling contractors

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

Top Features: Lead tracking, automated follow-ups, workflow customization, comprehensive production management tools

Software Summary:

Builder Prime is an all-in-one business management platform that addresses every stage of your sales pipeline and production process, organizes customer data into informative dashboards, and fits into your existing workflows on day one. Unlike other CRM tools, it was designed specifically for home improvement businesses and offers a variety of lead management features to help you track and categorize prospects, improve relationships, and close more deals. Builder Prime’s follow-up software sends reminders when too much time passes between customer interactions or sends automatic text messages or emails so you don’t lose sales or referrals.

Other functionalities offered through Builder Prime include straightforward scheduling, customized estimates, and precise reporting. For example, the materials and assignment reporting functionality ensures you have no trouble finding and assigning the resources and staff you need for every home improvement job. Builder Prime’s user-friendly integrations with top contractor apps, from Angi to RingCentral to Quickbooks, help streamline your operations, while its mobile app offers team members on-the-go access to critical information. All these factors combined make Builder Prime the best CRM for home improvement contractors.

2. BuildOps

Best For: Mid to large-size commercial contractors

Pricing: Contact BuildOps for a custom quote

Top Features: BuildOps has customer engagement, invoicing, time tracking, and reporting capabilities to support commercial contract jobs.

Software Summary:

BuildOps has a long list of features meant to simplify workflows for commercial contractors. Using their software, you can schedule and dispatch your team, generate quotes, proposals, and service agreements, and send customer invoices. The BuildOps CRM+ software also allows detailed reporting on key sales process metrics like quotes as well as workforce planning. The leaders at BuildOps are also leveraging innovative technology like AI to improve their CRM platform and provide a better user experience. However, some businesses complain that it lacks essential organization and customization options and feel that editing existing jobs is overly complicated.

3. HubSpot

Best For: Enterprise-level companies with large budgets to support coordination of efforts between sales reps and marketing teams

Pricing: Contact HubSpot for a custom quote after completing your free trial

Top Features: HubSpot’s CRM includes a meeting scheduler, live chat software, an AI email writer, and pipeline management.

Software Summary:

HubSpot is a well-established CRM provider, in part because it typically serves enterprise organizations with hundreds of sales and marketing representatives. This CRM solution includes tracking, reporting, and task management features, along with AI-generated content creation. One of the most appealing aspects of HubSpot for smaller companies is that it offers a set of free tools for teams of up to five users. However, the platform is designed to appeal to businesses in a variety of industries, from retail stores to healthcare facilities. Because it isn’t focused on home service contractors, it’s not customized to their needs and requirements, which could leave you struggling to find workarounds for everyday tasks. While the opportunity to track prospects, use email campaign templates, and manage your sales pipeline for free might seem appealing, many companies opt to pay for the platform’s premium features.

4. Jobber

Best For: Cleaning, lawn care, and service contractors with 15 software users or less

Pricing: Starts at $40/month for one user

Top Features: Quote design and approvals, consumer financing, scheduling and dispatching, time tracking, and client management.

Software Summary:

Jobber’s primary goal is to reduce administrative work while improving the customer experience. To accomplish those tasks, it includes a client portal, online booking, communication features, work orders, scheduling, and invoicing. You can connect more effectively with new leads by generating and sharing custom quotes and sending automated follow-ups to improve your response rates. One of the biggest pros of Jobber is that it’s a service-based CRM platform, so its dashboards align with the needs of contractors in industries like cleaning, lawn care, and plumbing, but it has some limitations. It offers little in the way of contract management and requires you to pay extra for crucial services such as inventory management. Some home service businesses may also struggle with the maximum number of users, which some reviewers felt was too restricting for the price.

5. JobNimbus

Best For: Home exterior contractors with 10-50 employees

Pricing: Contact JobNimbus for a custom quote

Top Features: Scheduling, sales boards, forms, insights reporting, and integrated measurements make JobNimbus an attractive CRM option.

Software Summary:

JobNimbus has various features broken out into sales, production, communication, and cash flow categories. They offer tracking and smart estimating to manage leads efficiently, material ordering and supplier integrations to optimize your production processes, and automated communication to improve customer relationships. Detailed reports also offer a closer look at your key performance metrics. One point of frustration for some JobNimbus users is that they have to enter information multiple times, which is tedious and time-consuming. The mobile app also needs design improvements, driving some contractors to access the platform using the browsers on their mobile devices. Despite those flaws, JobNimbus includes many core features that contractors need to carry out day-to-day tasks.

6. Leap (formerly JobProgress)

Best For: Small contractors comfortable with paying for additional users

Pricing: $249/month for up to three users

Top Features: Leap’s strongest features include automated workflows, contract and estimating tools, and lead generation capabilities.

Software Summary:

Formerly known as JobProgress, Leap helps you manage leads, create digital estimates, and simplify your workflows with automation tools. It also stores and organizes client contact information and includes text and email communication functionalities to build more lasting customer relationships. The Essential plan has limited features, including an appointment calendar and digital estimates and proposals, and only allows for a single user. The more expensive Team plan covers production management, provides a customer portal, and offers reporting. However, it only covers the first three users on your account. With a price of $99 per additional user, the cost can quickly add up if you have a larger team.

7. MarketSharp

Best For: Small home improvement companies with budgets to support complex tools and implementations

Pricing: Starts at $199/month for up to two users

Top Features: MarketSharp offers marketing, sales, production, and point-of-sale tools alongside its CRM capabilities.

Software Summary:

MarketSharp is a home service CRM provider with many bells and whistles. You can manage established and new customers and leads, schedule appointments, and perform analytics. In addition, you can create targeted mail campaigns, accept payments, and create quotes. Businesses that spring for the top-tier plan also have access to automated emails, text notifications and reminders, and sales appointment routing. MarketSharp isn’t as affordable as some of the other CRM options on this list. With no free plan, the prices could break some small business budgets, particularly when you have to pay $40 or more per additional user. Some home service businesses also struggle with the steep onboarding learning curve and issues with the mobile app.

8. Salesforce

Best For: Established companies with extensive sales and marketing teams

Pricing: Starts at $25/user/month

Top Features: Extensive analytics, integrations, and customization capabilities make a compelling case for Salesforce as a CRM solution.

Software Summary:

Salesforce has the features to address many of your business needs, covering marketing, sales, and service. That includes email marketing campaigns, forecasting, and social media posts. Salesforce offers customizable integrations; however, the platform doesn’t natively connect to other tools out of the box, so you’ll have to request a custom solution to unify your tech stack. This is why, for many small to medium-sized businesses, Salesforce is simply too complicated to set up, learn, and maintain. Its robust feature set is often more appropriate for enterprise companies with the staffing and resources to handle the installation and onboarding requirements. In addition, Salesforce generally isn’t an ideal option for a home service business because it’s designed for use across multiple industries. As such, it lacks many specific features and customizations contractors need to resolve home improvement issues.

9. Service Titan

Best For: Companies with a large fleet (100+ trucks)

Pricing: Contact Service Titan for a custom quote

Top Features: Service Titan manages leads, generates proposals and quotes, assists with scheduling, and supports online bill pay.

Software Summary:

Service Titan is a field service CRM solution that’s appropriate for both commercial and residential users. It offers tools to help meet your front office, field operations, and client experience goals, including proposals and quotes, scheduling, dispatch, and lead management features. It also offers a technician app for mobile access, equipment history records, and truck replenishment requests. For a streamlined client experience, Service Titan includes online bill pay, automated alerts, and a client portal. However, some Service Titan users have reported difficulty getting in touch with customer support, and others have experienced issues when integrating the platform with other tools.

10. Zoho

Best For: Startups struggling with contact management

Pricing: Starts at $14/user/month

Top Features: Reporting and analytics, automation and process management, and product customization are among Zoho’s best features.

Software Summary:

Considering its relatively low price point, Zoho has an impressive set of CRM tools. They include lead management, sales forecasting, reminders, calendar booking, and workflow automation. Another important feature is real-time inventory management for tracking your materials in multiple warehouse locations. Zoho also offers a free plan, though it doesn’t include any integrations, which could be a deal-breaker for most small businesses with an established tech stack. While Zoho’s pricing is a draw for some users, it isn’t a home improvement business CRM. As a result, it doesn’t include some of the capabilities that address their specific needs and pain points of the home and field services landscape. Also, Zoho’s AI features are only available for the highest-level plans.

Choosing Your CRM

When choosing a CRM for your home service business, it’s essential to look at more than just the price. Consider whether it will easily accommodate the number of users you need, support your growth, and offer a better customer experience through client management. Look for features like automated follow-ups, lead tracking, and project management tools to simplify your business processes.

Finding the right CRM will support greater profitability and establish your business as a leader in your field, whether that’s roofing, painting, or home remodeling. Looking for a CRM solution that can do all this and more? Check out Builder Prime and request a free demo today!

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