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October 3, 2023

Contractors: Instantly Create To-The-Penny Estimates
With The Builder Prime Price Book…
Every. Single. Time.

Our Price Book Lets You Pre-set Your Rates For EVERYTHING.
Never Manually Calculate Costs For Your Estimates AGAIN.

If you’re like most home improvement contractors, you know the pain of manually pricing out each and every job. No two projects are the same size and scope, so every estimate has unique labor and material costs.

But when you yourself have to calculate those costs every single time on every single estimate? You…

  • use up a ton of precious time that — let’s face it — you probably can’t afford to spare.
  • run the risk of making mistakes and over/undercharging your customers.

And whether your problem is A, B, or both, it all usually adds up to one thing: LOST PROFIT FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

So, what’s the “solution to the equation”? Simple… just stop calculating your estimates.

Seriously. Don’t do it.

Instead, have Builder Prime’s cutting-edge Price Book tool calculate your estimates FOR you.

Our Price Book Does The Math So YOU Don’t Have To

Our Price Book tool is built directly into our CRM software suite, and lets you preset your prices for everything. From the “expensive” stuff like countertops, roof shingles, and replacement windows … to the “small” things like boxes of nails and tubes of caulk… you can stick a price tag on absolutely every material you use for jobs.

You can even autogenerate prices based on the SIZE of the materials you need. For example: Let’s say you need to determine the price for a 24”x36” Pella vinyl double-hung replacement window. All you have to do is…

#1: In your Price Book, click on your Windows category

#2: Choose the proper brand and style of window (in this case, Pella vinyl double-hung)

#3: Once you come to the “Add Item” page, enter the window’s width and height dimensions

But it doesn’t stop there. You can further customize the window estimate by adding features like grids, the number of window panes, the color of the window, and so forth. Each additional feature or upgrade will influence the final price, reflecting the chosen add-ons.

Once all the details are set in stone, the real-time cost formula is displayed — including the required materials, time, and number of workers needed to complete the job efficiently. You get a 100% accurate price… perfectly encapsulated in a beautiful, branded estimate or contract.

The Benefits Of The Builder Prime Price Book

Saves Time

We’ve discussed how the Price Book saves you a ton of time by eliminating manual estimation. But it also frees you from having to use separate estimating software.

There’s no need to flip back and forth between your CRM and your estimating program — everything is baked right into Builder Prime. And with Builder Prime’s intuitive workflows, the estimates you create in the Price Book are always easily accessible… no matter where a lead or customer is in your sales pipeline.

Bottom line: With the Price Book handling your estimates, you will have more time to dedicate to delivering high-quality work and meeting your client’s needs.

Saves Money

Let’s just be honest: In the home improvement world, mistakes cost money. This is especially true if those mistakes happen on an estimate.

The Builder Prime Price Book eliminates this common contractor frustration. Since you’re not manually adding costs on EVERY SINGLE JOB, you avoid math errors that can cost you big buck

MAKES You Money

With incredibly precise cost breakdowns in professional, branded estimates, our Price Book leaves a strong impression on homeowners and can increase the likelihood of closing deals. The Price Book’s accuracy and complexity instills confidence that you are really on top of your game, making them more inclined to choose your services over competitors.

Plus, it’s just so easy to add customizable options to projects. Exploring product selections with customers is fast and efficient, allowing you more time and opportunity to add substantial dollars to jobs.

Questions Contractors Commonly Ask About
The Builder Prime Price Book

Q: Is The Builder Prime Price Book Compatible With My Industry?

A: There’s a very high chance the answer is “yes.” The beauty of Builder Prime is that it works for contractors in virtually any home improvement industry.

Here are a few quick examples…

  • Roof Replacement: shingle manufacturer, color, product line, square footage, decking, underlayment, flashing, nails
  • Bathroom Remodeling: Shower brand and material, type of flooring, light fixtures, paint, vanity, sink, green board, caulking
  • Gutter Installation: Size, color, material, number of hangers, end caps, brackets, strip miters
  • Concrete Coating: Floor area, verticals, steps, condition, coating material, preparation, finish, color

Q: Can I Easily Change My Costs In The Price Book?

A: Absolutely. If you need to increase your prices or make special cost accommodations for a specific project, customizing your preset prices is simple. We’ve created thorough yet simple online self-help guides for our Price Book that walk you through each step.

And if you prefer one-on-one help, we’re always a phone call or email away!

Q: Can The Builder Prime Price Book Calculate Labor Costs?

A: You bet. And not only that, you can input any number of “special considerations” for projects (all of which are also priced out FOR you). These include discounts, financing, sales tax, upcharges, and more.

Simply put, our price book is your one-stop shop for generating concrete project quotes for an endless array of home improvement services.

We built this tool to simplify the estimate-building process for contractors, ensuring accuracy in representing real costs, the amount of labor needed, and other critical details.


Our Price Books both simplifies and powers up your estimate process. It’s just one of the many comprehensive CRM features that Builder Prime offers.

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