Ensure Your Leads Don’t Fall Through the Cracks

June 21, 2023

Ensure Your Leads Don’t Fall Through The Cracks

Maintain Efficient & Effective Communication at Every Stage Of The Happy Path

Any home improvement company owner knows their business would be nothing without the influx of leads and new business. You may be spending a lot of time, effort, and money strategizing sales and marketing efforts in order to bring in these new leads. But what happens once a new lead is obtained? How are you ensuring that the shiny promising new business doesn’t fall through the cracks before the deal is done? When it comes to ensuring the lead is being pushed through each stage of The Happy Path in a timely manner, consistent follow-up is key.

The Happy Path (1)

In the first stage of The Happy Path, the lead is received. The countdown clock is already running in the race against time to get a prospect through the sales funnel before they lose interest or go with a competitor. It is vital to ensure that the prospect keeps you top of mind immediately. Try to get them on the phone or schedule a meeting by email ASAP. If you are unable to get in contact- don’t give up! Be prepared with SMS and emails as part of a drip campaign.

Once the prospect has set an appointment, the goal is to continue to warm up the prospect and get them excited to meet with you leading up to the scheduled appointment. It is important to send the prospect information ahead of time discussing what they can expect out of your scheduled appointment. Sending examples of past work and information regarding the rep that will be meeting with is all part of humanizing this part of the process. If the appointment is scheduled far in advance be sure to send reminder messages and consider adding the prospect to a drip campaign to ensure your company stays top of mind leading up to the meeting.

After a sales rep meets with a prospect and has sent over the proposal the goal is to push the prospect over the finish line and get the contract signed. It is imperative to maintain persistent contact with the prospect to avoid the lead falling through the cracks at this juncture. During this follow-up with the prospect, collect feedback on the meeting and uncover any blockers preventing the prospect from moving forward with the proposal.

Once the contract has been signed and the job has been sold, congratulations are in order, but the communication does not stop now! Thank your new customer for their business and continue to provide the customer with beneficial information about what they can expect throughout the process. Alert the customer of any delays, when materials are ordered, etc. Consistent and helpful communication will help result in a happy and raving customer! 

Having an emphasis on communication throughout The Happy Path is imperative to ensuring leads do not fall through the cracks and that you are getting the maximum potential out of your leads. Your CRM should be making the follow-up process as painless and simple as possible with automated email and SMS campaigns and built-in reminders. 

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