Builder Prime vs. MarketSharp

August 4, 2022

Builder Prime Vs. MarketSharp

Comparing Two Of The Most Popular CRM Software Solutions For Contractors

Builder Prime and MarketSharp are two of the most popular CRM software solutions for home improvement contractors. But is one a better fit for YOUR company than the other?

Whether you’re trying to decide between MarketSharp and Builder Prime—or whether to SWITCH from MarketSharp to Builder Prime—here’s what you need to know…

Differences Between Builder Prime And MarketSharp

Lead To Sales Pipeline

MarketSharp has three total marketing and sales categories: Lead, Prospect, and Customer. Everything is classified into one of these groups, including lost leads and canceled sales. The status of every lead, prospect, and customer in MarketSharp must be tracked and updated manually.

Builder Prime is the home improvement industry’s only start-to-finish CRM software solution. It automatically categorizes leads to convey the right amount of specificity you need to know A) who has to be followed up with, B) when that follow-up is needed, and C) what exactly that follow-up should be. (Find out why proper lead categorization is mission-critical by downloading our free white paper, The Happy Path Sales Pipeline).

Builder Prime’s default lead categories are as follows:

  • Lead Received
  • Appointment Not Set
  • Appointment Set
  • Appointment Canceled
  • Appointment Confirmed
  • Lead Issued
  • No Demo
  • Demo
  • Estimate Sent
  • Demo / No Sale
  • Job Sold
  • Job Canceled
  • Job In Progress
  • Customer

From here, you can customize Builder Prime’s lead categories so they are 100% tailored to the repeatable systems and processes you need to set up for your business.

And Builder Prime doesn’t just track leads—it also updates jobs as they advance through pre-production, production, and post-production. You ALWAYS know exactly when and how to follow-up with leads, customers, and even your team.

Workflow Automation & Reporting

MarketSharp is driven by manual data entry. This means you or someone in your company must maintain your data consistently—preferably daily—to ensure your key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting are up to date.

Builder Prime’s built-in workflows allow it to automatically track all of your KPIs from day one. The system updates and calculates your numbers FOR you, so you ALWAYS have 100% precise, up-to-the-minute reporting. This cutting-edge technology reduces manual labor and eliminates the chance of you working from incorrect or outdated data. When you’ve got Builder Prime, asking your team if they updated the CRM is a thing of the past. Period.


MarketSharp estimate creation is done with third-party apps that are compatible with the software. The estimates you create in the external program can be synced to your MarketSharp account. It’s a solid setup, though some contractors report that utilizing two programs for estimation can be a little inefficient and unwieldy.

Builder Prime contains powerful, built-in estimate creation within the actual program. This creates a totally streamlined user experience that seamlessly integrates with workflows and automations. No need to use a separate program—every estimation tool you need is baked right into the Builder Prime software. An unlimited number of templates can be saved for quick and easy access.

Production Management

MarketSharp comes equipped with plenty of CRM-related tools. But like other contractor CRM solutions, it lacks the features needed for true production management.

Builder Prime is the home improvement industry’s only CRM and comprehensive production management software. It contains every tool you need to take total control of your production division:

  • Subcontractor management
  • Streamlined drag-and-drop scheduling calendars for sales and production (plus in-depth Gantt charts)
  • Detailed job costing and profit reporting
  • GPS time clock
  • Invoicing and online payments
  • Customizable project status/milestone tracking (to know what kinds of follow-ups are required externally AND internally)

What’s more, the transition from sales to production is 100% automated; your production team instantly has access to ALL preexisting data about the job. Nothing slips through the cracks, and EVERYONE is fully informed.

Visit our Production Management page for more details.

User Interface & Support

MarketSharp offers unlimited training, seminars, and phone support for its clients. While designed for the home improvement industry, the software requires a bit of setup before it can start working within the average contractor’s operations.

Builder Prime provides the following for clients:

  • Comprehensive onboarding support
  • Quick and helpful answers—response times to emails are typically within one business hour of receipt
  • Live chat assistance
  • Customized training plans
  • Direct phone number of your account manager
  • Access to your account manager’s schedule so you know exactly when they’re available
  • And much more

Builder Prime is also designed to be used from day one. Its default settings were created based on the workflows of ACTUAL contractors. This allows you to start using the software immediately while easily fine-tuning any settings as necessary.


MarketSharp offers three plans, which start at $99 per month. You can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly (one lump sum) basis. MarketSharp offers email marketing functionality with their highest-priced plan, which starts at $299 per month.

Builder Prime plans start at $99 per month when you renew monthly and $79 per month when you renew annually. By renewing on a yearly basis, you save over 20% on costs, regardless of the plan you choose.

Full email marketing automation with Builder Prime starts at the mid-level plan, which is $159 per month when you renew annually. Total text message automation (a feature MarketSharp currently lacks) is included in Builder Prime’s top plan, which is $239 per month when you renew annually.

View Builder Prime Pricing page for more details.


MarketSharp has a substantial number of CRM-related tools designed specifically for the home improvement industry. But Builder Prime is the industry’s only software that offers CRM and estimation and production management in a single program.

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