Builder Prime vs. Leap

May 11, 2023

Builder Prime Vs. Leap

Comparing Two Top CRM Software Programs For Contractors

Let’s face it: Choosing the right CRM software to run your home improvement company can be tough.

To help you pick the perfect solution for your business, we regularly compare Builder Prime (that’s us) to other popular CRMs. And today, we’ll be comparing the features and benefits of Builder Prime and Leap — two CRM solutions developed specifically for contractors.

Before we start this comparison, an important note: Leap recently acquired JobProgress, a contractor CRM that we put through the paces in a previous article. Before the acquisition, Leap was primarily an estimating software for contractors. Since the acquisition, Leap has modified and rebranded its service offerings as follows:

  • Leap Team: This includes the job management features of JobProgress.
  • SalesPro: This software includes the estimating features of the original Leap.

Each is a standalone product, so you need to pay for both to get a comprehensive CRM solution.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. We break it all down for you—right here, right now.

Builder Prime & Leap Comparison

Automation & Customization Capabilities

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The easiest way to compare the automation and customization of these two programs is by comparing Leap Team—Leap’s job management program—to Builder Prime.

Like we mentioned above, Leap Team is a rebranded version of JobProgess. Leap Team offers the same features as JobProgress, and does so for the same price. As our JobProgress comparison explains, Leap Team (a.k.a. JobProgress) offers some quality automation and customization options. While these options aren’t as robust and diverse as Builder Prime’s, you can customize and automate certain workflows and follow-up processes.

But while you can automate and customize your estimates and sales processes using Leap’s services, remember: You have to supplement Leap Team with SalesPro (Leap’s estimating software) to do so.

This two-program integration can A) slow your response time with leads and customers, B) make it harder to track down a lead’s status, and C) increase the chance of human error. (Check out this article for more info: Why Buying Contractor Estimate Software Is A Mistake.)

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Builder Prime

Overall, Builder Prime has stronger automation and customization power than Leap’s services. For example, Builder Prime offers automated SMS messaging, which is a feature Leap doesn’t offer.

With Builder Prime running your company, text messages get automatically sent to leads and customers at the time and frequency YOU set. This is an especially vital feature for setting appointments, since automated texts make your speed-to-lead time literally instantaneous.

Another advantage Builder Prime has over Leap? Everything is built into one program—including customizable estimates. With Leap, you need to subscribe to Leap Team and SalesPro to get a CRM with customizable estimation features. With Builder Prime, all you need is… Builder Prime!

Estimate Building

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Creating estimates is one of Leap’s strong suits. SalesPro is Leap’s estimate-building software, and it offers a high level of customization for contractors. It even gives you the option to build estimates offline, which is a unique feature for contractor CRM and estimate software.

You can probably guess the drawback here: SalesPro is only estimate-building software. If you want to truly incorporate its powerful estimation abilities into your business, you need to integrate it with Leap Team or another CRM. And as we mention in the section above, integrating separate programs can reduce speed-to-lead time and potentially cause precious customer data to slip through the cracks.

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Builder Prime

Builder Prime offers a wide range of customizable contracts, change orders, and estimation tools to comply with your company’s specific branding, pricing, and scope of work details.

You can take your entire process digitally with email proposals, online credit card payments, and e-signatures on mobile devices. Builder Prime’s invoicing and online payment features are also automatically tied into the contract that is generated, allowing for more timely and efficient automation. Managing contracts, invoices, estimates, and change orders has never been easier!

Builder Prime also offers robust job costing and a seamless transition from the scope of work into the production process once sold. The unrivaled reporting power of Builder Prime lets you easily track every dollar that comes in… and where every dollar is going.

Lead Tracking

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Leap Team—Leap’s contractor job management software—gives you the basic ability to track your leads through your sales pipeline. Lead statuses in Leap Team must be updated manually, so someone on your team has to make sure your leads are properly updated every single day.

If a lead becomes an appointment? Manual update. If a lead doesn’t close? Manual update. If an appointment becomes a sale? Manual update. If a lead or customer status changes in any way, shape, or form? You guessed it… MANUAL UPDATE.

Now, most contractor CRMs require manual lead updating. So manually tracking leads isn’t a process that’s exclusive to Leap/Leap Team. It is, however, a process that many home improvement companies find cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to human error.

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Builder Prime

Automatic lead tracking is one of Builder Prime’s biggest and most unique strengths. Builder Prime tracks, categorizes, and updates your leads’/customers’ statuses FOR you as they progress through your sales pipeline. Zero manual updates are required, so zero leads get lost in the shuffle.

Builder Prime’s automatic lead tracking works in perfect harmony with its worry-proof follow-up features. A change in a lead’s or customer’s status will automatically trigger the proper follow-up—when you want and how you want. Drip campaigns. Rehash programs. Follow-up text messages. All fully customizable. All fully automated.


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The pricing for Leap’s main services for contractors—Leap Team and SalesPro—breaks down like this:

  • Leap Team (Job Management & CRM-Lite): $79 a month per user with a one-time $500 setup fee
  • SalesPro (estimating software): $99 a month per user

This means if you want both programs, your cost will be $178 a month per user (plus the $500 setup fee for Leap Team).

Leap also offers a plan called Leap Enterprise, which it describes as a product for “complex organizations that need complex solutions.” This plan is custom-priced depending on a company’s size and unique business challenges.

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Builder Prime

Builder Prime’s all-in-one software solution comes in four pricing plans*:

  • Startup: $79 per month
  • Essentials: $159 per month
  • Growth: $239 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote

Plus, Builder Prime’s software is so easy to use and get running, we NEVER have to charge a setup fee — we’ll handle that for free.

Each Builder Prime plan includes one user account for office use. Additional office users and field users require a small extra fee.

Builder Prime has tailored its subscription plans to meet the unique needs and sizes of individual contractors. For insights into how other contractors have maximized their plans’ features, we encourage you to check out our case studies and read real stories from real contractors.

*Pricing reflects 20% savings when renewing annually versus monthly. Visit our Pricing page for details.


When you combine Leap’s two main services—Leap Team (Job Management & CRM-Lite) and SalesPro (estimating software)—you get a solid software package that can help you run your home improvement business. You do, however, need to invest in both services to get all the features you need. And since they’re separate programs, you do have to make sure they’re properly integrated with one another.

Builder Prime offers a CRM solution and estimating software and job management in one package. No need to run multiple programs… no need to invest in multiple programs. Everything you need to run and grow your business is in a single CRM software suite—coordinating in perfect harmony to make your company more streamlined, more efficient… and more profitable.

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