Builder Prime vs. LeadPerfection

March 12, 2022

Builder Prime vs. LeadPerfection

Comparing Contractor CRM Software Solutions

Are you a contractor looking for a CRM to help you run and grow your business? If so, Builder Prime and LeadPerfection are probably on your radar.

Both software solutions are made specifically for the home improvement industry. And both offer robust CRM and production management features.

But is one a better fit for your company than the other? Let’s compare the two and find out…

Builder Prime And LeadPerfection Comparison

CRM Features

LeadPerfection offers ample CRM features for home improvement contractors. It has lead acquisition and tracking tools, sales and marketing reporting, a reliable follow-up system, and several more features that make it a robust CRM.

Builder Prime is also a full-scale CRM solution, but it offers a higher level of automation and functionality:

  • Fail-safe Lead Tracking automatically updates and escorts leads into different categories as they advance through your sales pipeline. (Download our Free Report to see why this is mission-critical.)
  • Worry-proof Follow-up includes full-on email and text message automation. Nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Precision Reporting provides up-to-the-second data on all of your key performance indicators, including net sales per lead issued (NSLI) and lead/customer acquisition cost per lead source.
  • Streamlined Scheduling features easy drag-and-drop functionality, making reassigning and rescheduling tasks incredibly easy.

And with Builder Prime’s proven workflows, contractors can start utilizing these CRM features right out of the box and fine-tune them as necessary. No cumbersome, costly setup.

Estimation Features

This is one of the biggest differences between LeadPerfection and Builder Prime.

LeadPerfection does not include estimate, contract, and proposal creation tools. It does, however, integrate with third-party estimation apps such as Leap (at an additional cost). This setup requires manual entry, which takes time and is vulnerable to human error.

Builder Prime includes a complete estimate-creation system within the platform. By removing the need for an additional program, Builder Prime is able to seamlessly synchronize estimates, change orders, and proposals with its CRM and production management features. This creates a totally streamlined experience, saving contractors time and labor.

Production Management Features

LeadPerfection is one of the few contractor CRMs that provides production management tools. Customizable project milestones, time trackers, and production scheduling calendars are some of the platform’s key production features.

Builder Prime also has these features—and then some. Built-in Gantt charts provide down-to-the-detail customization for complex projects. Subcontractor relationship tools allow you to manage subcontractor bidding and purchase orders. Time sheets auto-update job scheduling and costs, and they can be filled out by employees either on the job site or by an office manager.

Bottom line: Builder Prime takes production management to the next level. See more details on our Production Management page.

User Interface

While they have many overlapping features, LeadPerfection and Builder Prime have considerably different user interfaces. Contractors can explore LeadPerfection’s interface by scheduling a live demo or watching online videos. As of this writing, LeadPerfection does not offer a free trial.

Home improvement contractors can experience Builder Prime’s user interface via online videos, a free live demo, or a free 14-day trial. The free trial gives contractors full access to the Builder Prime platform, and it requires no credit card info or commitment. Once the trial has ended, contractors can choose if they want to subscribe to a plan, take part in a live demo, or take time to think things over.

Customer Support & Training

LeadPerfection provides live online training for clients, as well as video tutorials. For customer support, clients can reach LeadPerfection by email or an 800 number.

Builder Prime provides the following for clients:

  • An on-average one-hour response time to emails during business hours
  • Live chat assistance from actual Builder Prime employees (NOT an overseas third party)
  • One-on-one phone support from your dedicated account manager, along with access to their direct line
  • Private access to your account manager’s schedule so you always know when they’re available
  • Live screen-share training
  • An in-person training option for Growth and Enterprise plans
  • A fully custom training plan for Enterprise plans

And much more. Explore Builder Prime user reviews and case studies to see what contractors are saying about Builder Prime’s industry-leading level of service.


LeadPerfection, unlike most CRM solutions, does not have pricing tiers based on the size and needs of individual companies. A contractor with two employees will pay the same price as a contractor with 200. In other words, the bigger your company, the more value you’ll get. Users that have switched from LeadPerfection to Builder Prime have reported savings of up to $1,000 or more each month.

Builder Prime offers four pricing plans*:
  • Starter: Starting at $79 per month
  • Professional: Starting at $159 per month
  • Growth: Starting at $239 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote

Builder Prime plans and pricing varies based on the needs of the individual client to ensure contractors pay for only what they need. Have one employee? There’s a plan for that. Have 100 employees? There’s a plan for that. Since even the higher-level Builder Prime plans start at a lower cost than LeadPerfection, large companies can receive a greater return on investment.

View specific details about Builder Prime pricing here.

*Pricing reflects 20% savings when renewing annually versus monthly. Additional users are a small extra fee per user.


Both LeadPerfection and Builder Prime deliver comprehensive CRM and production management features. They’re two of the most all-inclusive software solutions for contractors.

Builder Prime, however, also provides powerful estimate-creation features and a deeper set of production management functions. And since it comes in several plans, Builder Prime is more price-accessible for small to medium-sized home improvement contractors.

Last—but definitely not least—is the difference in the user interface and customer support. Builder Prime is built on cutting-edge technology, with every feature carefully crafted to create an easy user experience for contractors. And with unrivaled personalized service, Builder Prime delivers a level of user support that leaves contractors wanting for NOTHING.

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