Builder Prime vs. JobProgress

September 20, 2022

Builder Prime Vs. JobProgress

Comparing CRM Software For Contractors… Which Of These Is The Better Choice?

If you are a contractor trying to find the right CRM software to run your business, you probably already know you should choose one that is specifically designed for the needs of the home improvement industry.

But that hardly settles the matter. After all, there are multiple CRMs on the market that lay claim to being built with contractors in mind. But not all those options are created equal. You have to dig into the details to find the best CRM software for contractors.

Two contenders are Builder Prime and JobProgress. Below is a comparison between these two CRMs. Let’s see how they stack up next to each other in four key areas.

Builder Prime And JobProgress Comparison

Automation And Customization

When shopping for CRM software, home improvement contractors should always be looking for a solution that makes their work A LOT easier and more efficient. Almost any CRM will make a business at least marginally more efficient and organized. But “a little” better is not good enough. When investing in CRM software, you should have access to the most robust tools that can do a lot of the heavy lifting of reaching out to potential customers. This requires that it be easy to customize messages and then automate your outreach to prospects.

In comparing JobProgress and Builder Prime, it is not a close call. Builder Prime’s automation and customization capabilities are far superior.

Builder Prime comes with built-in automations and workflows for contractors. One great thing about Builder Prime is that the default settings are already calibrated to sync up with how most contractors operate. This means that a lot of the automation is going to work “out of the box,” with no further customization necessary.

And if there are things that do need to be tweaked or customized, Builder Prime makes it simple and intuitive.

JobProgress does have some automation and customization features, but the options are pretty limited (see the comparison below on automated text messages).

Conclusion on automation and customization: For contractors, much of the value of a CRM is in the ability to customize and then automate your sales process. Builder Prime definitely has the edge here, with more tools for automation and more flexibility to customize.

Tracking Metrics

Just as crucial as setting up automations and customizations, is the ability to track and access metrics. Of course, any CRM is going to give you metrics. But that’s an unhelpful generalization, similar to saying a car is going to have an engine. Contractors need to know two things about metrics before choosing a CRM:

  • Will this give me all of the key metrics that allow me to be fully in charge of my business? And, does it make super easy for me to access these metrics in real-time?

Here again, in this critical area, it is not really a close race. Builder Prime is a true CRM with the metrics that a marketing and sales-driven contractor NEEDS. For example, Builder Prime makes it easy to evaluate all of the following metrics:

  • Cost per lead (and further broken down by lead source)
  • Cost per demo
  • Cost per sale
  • Net Sales per lead Issued
  • Close rates
  • Cancellation rates

All this makes it easy to evaluate sales reps, lead setters, and lead sources and make data-driven decisions to improve your business.

Builder Prime has something else that is crucial. It makes all these metrics super accessible, with a dashboard that is simple to manage and gives you completely up-to-date statistics.

You can know the exact status of any lead in your system while also having the big picture, aggregated stats in real-time. If you have the right information in an accessible format, you can make good decisions driven by your sales and marketing data. That can fuel massive growth. Otherwise, you are relying on luck.

It should be noted that JobProgress does offer basic metrics and has a standard customer database. However, it lacks robust and customizable lead status tracking. Home improvement companies need to have excellent lead-tracking tools if they want to stay on top of follow-up and want the most accurate reporting of helpful metrics.

The focus of JobProgress is more on the production and tracking of jobs. If you don’t require comprehensive lead tracking and reporting, then JobProgress could be a solid option.

Conclusion on metrics: Builder Prime out-distances other contractors’ CRM software in its ability to provide more metrics. JobProgress does fine for the production side of the business, but Builder Prime does that, too. Where Builder Prime separates itself is in making it much easier to see and utilize real-time lead information.

Automated Text Messaging

This comparison is easy to summarize.

Builder Prime has automated text messaging.

JobProgress does not.

Even if you are not currently doing automated text messaging to your prospects and customers (and why aren’t you?!?), this is something you want to have the capability to do in the future.

If you select a CRM that has this feature, chances are you will want to start using it after you discover how easy it is to set up and how powerful the results can be.

Conclusion on automated text messaging: This is a feature that is giving home improvement contractors an edge over their competitors. Why choose a CRM that does not give you this benefit?


When shopping for the right CRM contractor software, price is of course going to be one consideration. In comparing Builder Prime and JobProgress, there is not much separation here. The pricing is similar; however, there is one area where Builder Prime has a lower cost. Field users are more expensive in JobProgress.

This means that if you want your installers to be able to clock in and out in the field or you want them to have access to the details of the project on-site, it will cost you more with JobProgress. With Builder Prime, your field crews can have that access at a lower overall price point.

Conclusion on pricing comparison: While there’s not a huge difference in pricing, Builder Prime does have the edge here because field use is more expensive with JobProgress.


JobProgress is a solid project tracking and management tool with some light CRM features, and its pricing is similar to Builder Prime. But Builder Prime separates itself in several areas that can have a massive impact for home improvement businesses.

Builder Prime is better for customizing and automating outreach to prospects. This includes having the ability to send text messages directly from the CRM, meaning all your communication can be tracked in one program.

Builder Prime also has state-of-the-art real-time lead tracking and metrics that home improvement businesses can use to make data-driven decisions that can power huge leap forwards in sales.

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