Builder Prime vs. JobNimbus

June 2, 2022

Builder Prime Vs. JobNimbus

A Comparison Of The Two Popular Software Platforms For Contractors

Searching for a software platform to help you run and grow your home improvement business? If so, you have quite a few options to choose from—two of those being Builder Prime and JobNimbus.

Both are popular contractor industry solutions. But there are significant differences between Builder Prime and JobNimbus to be aware of BEFORE deciding on one or the other.

Let’s compare the two platforms so you can make the best decision for your company…

Comparing Builder Prime And JobNimbus

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


JobNimbus provides a solid set of fundamental tools for customer management. It stores contact information, helps contractors track leads, automates appointment-reminder notifications, and allows the right people to see project info with customizable permission controls. It also contains drag-and-drop “digital whiteboards,” which make reassigning and rescheduling tasks straightforward.

JobNimbus, however, isn’t technically a CRM platform. It’s advertised as contractor software that provides organizational tools, some of which are related to customer management. As such, JobNimbus lacks certain features that CRM solutions typically have. For items like email/text automation, hyper-specific KPI reporting, and automated lead/customer tracking, contractors would have to augment JobNimbus with a secondary program.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime is a comprehensive CRM solution rooted in industry-leading automation. Its proven workflows were painstakingly engineered to suit the needs of contractors right out of the box.

Every aspect of the platform was developed to make contractors’ day-to-day tasks as easy and efficient as possible. And the primary way Builder Prime achieves that is by automating and streamlining every process:

  • Fail-safe Lead Tracking: The system automatically tracks and updates lead and customer statuses as they progress through the sales pipeline. Leads and customers are cataloged into hyper-specific categories so data is ALWAYS up to the second. (Download our Free Report for more details on creating a successful sales pipeline.)
  • Worry-proof Follow-up: As leads and customers progress through the project pipeline, Builder Prime notifies users so they can perform the proper follow-up. Follow-up can also be fully automated for emails and text messaging.
  • Precision Reporting: From the moment it’s implemented, Builder Prime starts crunching the numbers on all key performance indicators (KPI). This includes metrics that contractors want to know most—net sales per lead issued (NSLI), closing rates, lead/customer acquisition cost per lead source, and MUCH more. Reporting is automatic, so data is always up to date and 100% accurate.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Builder Prime contains innovative built-in calendars for sales AND production. The calendars are drag-and-drop, making reassigning and rescheduling tasks and meetings effortless.

While Builder Prime delivers exceptional functionality right out of the box, any and all features can be fully customized to suit a company’s specific processes.



Estimation is one of JobNimbus’s strong suits. Contractors can create custom invoices, contracts, and change orders with the platform’s built-in estimate tools. Estimates can be saved as templates for future use, and contractors can attach photos to proposals. Contracts and estimates can be entirely digital, allowing users the option to go completely paperless.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime delivers a similar set of powerful estimate-creation tools. With a built-in estimation feature, contractors can easily build custom templates, attach photos to proposals, and go fully digital with paperwork.

An additional benefit of Builder Prime is that its estimation tools help drive workflow. Actions taken with estimates automatically trigger progression to the next step in the sales process—email/text message follow-up, to-do lists for sales reps, and even rehash campaigns if a sale doesn’t close. Estimation features fully sync with the rest of the Builder Prime platform to create a streamlined experience from start to finish.

Production Management


JobNimbus is primarily a data-management tool that allows contractors to track job information manually. It does, however, also provide certain features for project management.

Companies can manage certain tasks with subcontractors, track the time employees spend on jobs, and access data in the field via a mobile app. For comprehensive production management, however, contractors would need a separate program.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime delivers a full set of production management tools for contractors in any industry:

  • Complete subcontractor management, including bidding and purchase order managing
  • Easy drag-and-drop scheduling calendars for production teams
  • Ultra-detailed Gantt charts
  • A seamless mobile experience for a unified job site-to-office connection
  • GPS time clock and turn-by-turn directions
  • Customizable project status and milestone tracking (know what follow-ups are required for customers AND team members; plus, follow-up can be fully automated)
  • And more!

In addition, the handoff from sales to production within the Builder Prime platform is streamlined and smooth. All data transfers automatically, eliminating manual entry and key information slipping through the cracks.

Customer Support & Training


JobNimbus offers customer support via email (support tickets), a toll-free phone number during business hours, online videos, and written tutorials. The Knowledge Base section of the platform’s website also contains a substantial set of self-help materials.

For training, JobNimbus users can pay for one-on-one in-person or remote learning. JobNimbus also provides free online training videos directly on the company website.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime delivers a truly personalized level of customer support and training. This includes the following:
  • Average response time to user emails within one business hour
  • Live chat support from actual Builder Prime employees (NOT an overseas chat service) during business hours
  • A dedicated account manager with access to their direct phone line
  • Access to the account manager’s schedule to see their open appointment times
  • Unlimited live screen-share training for every Builder Prime plan
  • Extensive collection of online training videos and articles
  • In-person training programs for Growth and Enterprise plans
  • A fully customized training plan for Enterprise users

To see what contractors say about Builder Prime’s level of training and support, explore User Reviews and Case Studies.


JobNimbus and Builder Prime are both contractor-specific platforms that provide strong customer management and estimation tools. Builder Prime, however, delivers a more comprehensive and complete solution for contractors who want a platform that can take jobs from start to finish.

Builder Prime is also the industry’s leading platform in terms of automation. The elimination of manual data entry for tasks like lead tracking, reporting, and follow-up will save time, improve efficiency, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. It’s the CRM software suite for contractors looking to take business to the next level… and beyond!

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