Builder Prime Vs. Hatch

May 11, 2023

Builder Prime Vs. Hatch

Both Programs Have Top-Notch Communication Features…
But Only One Is A Fully Loaded, All-In-One Contractor CRM.

If you’re a home improvement contractor, you’ve probably heard of Hatch. It’s an automated text-messaging and email software that makes it easy to communicate and follow up consistently with prospects, leads, and customers. (And as we all know, strategic, consistent follow-up is positively VITAL in all home improvement industries.)

Since Hatch is a standalone text-messaging platform, you might be wondering why we’re comparing it to Builder Prime, an all-in-one CRM solution for contractors. The reason is simple: Builder Prime is an all-in-one CRM with the powerful automated texting and email features of Hatch…for literally a fraction of the price of Hatch.

Sound too good to be true? Dive into this Builder Prime Vs. Hatch comparison and see for yourself.

Builder Prime & Hatch Comparison

Communication Features

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Hatch does one and only one thing: Communicates with prospects, leads, and customers. And make no mistake—it does this one thing really, really well!

Hatch provides tools for text messaging, calling, and emailing leads. It has a user-friendly interface that lets sales teams track leads, set reminders, and manage their schedules. And Hatch also provides analytics and reporting features that allow teams to measure the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

Hatch is a standalone program, though. If you really want to incorporate it into your business operations, you must integrate it with a CRM.

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, integrating external programs into a CRM always comes with two big risks:

  1. The integration process can slow your speed-to-lead time, which can CRUSH your chances of converting a home improvement lead into an appointment.
  2. There is always a chance some information can get lost when data transfers from the external software to your CRM.

We make no claims that Hatch clients experience either of these. But we’ve heard enough horror stories to confidently say Integration Aggravation can be a very real thing for contractors who use multiple programs to run their businesses.

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Builder Prime

Pound for pound, Builder Prime has the same customizable, automated communication features as Hatch:

Builder Prime also has communication tools Hatch doesn’t have.

For instance, Builder Prime’s follow-up features have the ability to immediately adjust to lead updates in your CRM. This means irrelevant automated messages are never sent due to your communication platform having outdated data. Your leads and customers ALWAYS get the right message at the right time.

Builder Prime also has a leg up on Hatch when it comes to internal communication. With Builder Prime, you can utilize automated SMS messaging for your employees. Everyone in your company is in the loop at all times, so everyone always knows exactly what they need to do.

The best part? All of these features are built into Builder Prime.

No need for third-party software. No need for potentially messy integration. No delays in your speed-to-lead time. With Builder Prime’s proven workflows and worry-proof follow-up, these communication features flow seamlessly with your daily operations.

Other Features & Functionality

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Since Hatch is a communication platform, it doesn’t have the standard features of a contractor CRM software. So if you want to create estimates… or schedule appointments… or track your leads… or generate in-depth reports on key metrics like Net Sales Per Lead Issued (NSLI)… you need at least one additional program.

Long story short: Hatch isn’t designed to run your company’s operations from top to bottom. It’s a single “cog in the wheel” of your daily operations, and it’s meant to integrate with other business software.

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Builder Prime

If Hatch is one cog in the wheel of your daily operations, Builder Prime is a customized, fully loaded Beamer that will drive your entire company.

  • Automated, fail-safe lead tracking? Check.
  • Worry-proof follow-up with prospects, leads, and customers? Check.
  • Proven workflows that come “fully assembled” right out of the box? Check.
  • In-depth reporting on all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? Check.
  • Powerful, user-friendly scheduling tools? Check.
  • Completely customizable itemized estimates? Check.
  • Production-management features like automated timesheets, GPS clocks, and purchase-order creation? Check.

As our clients will tell you, Builder Prime is the contractor CRM software suite that has everything you need to run—and GROW—your business. All in one single program.


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Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll likely pay anywhere between $699 to $1,099+ per month for Hatch like most home improvement companies do. The price depends on how many “Hatch Strategies” (a.k.a. types of follow-up features) you want to have. As of this writing, the four Hatch Strategies are as follows:

  1. Speed To Lead
  2. Sales Follow-Up
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Nurture

The more Hatch Strategies you select, the higher the price. For example, Hatch’s Starter Plan starts at $699 per month and comes with two Hatch Strategies of your choice. If you want three Hatch Strategies, you’ll need Hatch’s Pro Plan, which starts at $899 per month. And if you want all four, you can choose to invest in the Business Plan, which starts at $1,099 per month.

Builder Prime Logo

Builder Prime

As mentioned earlier, you can invest in Builder Prime for a fraction of the cost of Hatch. Here is how Builder Prime’s pricing breaks down**:

  • Startup: $79 per month
  • Essentials: $159 per month
  • Growth: $239 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote

And remember: In addition to having communication features that rival Hatch’s, Builder Prime is also an all-in-one CRM software solution for contractors. It’s the only software you need to run your business from top to bottom.

Bottom line: In terms of “bang for your buck,” Builder Prime is the best value. Hands. Down.

To see specific cost details, visit our pricing page. And for an idea of how individual contractors are leveraging the features of their respective plans, take a look at some Builder Prime client case studies.

*Costs for Hatch and Builder Prime are up to date as of May 2023.

**Pricing for Builder Prime reflects a 20% discount that comes with annually renewing your membership.


Hatch is great for communicating with prospects, leads, and customers. But since it’s strictly a communication platform, you have to integrate Hatch with a CRM to incorporate it into your daily operations.

Builder Prime has communication features that rival what Hatch offers—while providing you with every tool you need to run and grow your business. And Builder Prime does so for a fraction of the price. It’s the only all-inclusive, does-absolute-everything CRM software suite for the home improvement industry.

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