Builder Prime vs. Estimate Rocket

April 1, 2022

Builder Prime Vs. Estimate Rocket

Comparing CRM, Estimating & Production Management Features Of The Two Contractor Software Solutions

Builder Prime and Estimate Rocket are two popular software solutions for contractors. But is one a better solution for YOUR company than the other?

The answer comes down to what you want your software to do. Are you looking for a quality estimation solution that handles a few CRM and production tasks? Or do you need a comprehensive, all-in-one (CRM, estimating, production management) program that has every tool to take jobs from start to finish?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, that’s okay. On this page, we break down and compare key features of Builder Prime and Estimate Rocket to help you make an informed decision.

Builder Prime And Estimate Rocket Comparison

CRM Features

Estimate Rocket comes with some CRM features that contractors find useful. This includes email automation, client tracking, scheduling, and reporting.

Since CRM isn’t Estimate Rocket’s primary function, it does lack a few important tools for maintaining and nurturing lead and customer relationships. If you want features such as SMS automation, contractor-specific lead categories, and detailed reporting metrics (net sales per lead issued, lead and customer acquisition costs per lead source, etc.), you’ll need a separate program.

Builder Prime provides a comprehensive set of contractor-focused CRM features. These include:

Bottom line: Builder Prime is a complete CRM software solution, leaving contractors wanting for nothing.

Estimation Features

As its name suggests, estimation is Estimate Rocket’s strong suit. Custom estimate templates, paperless presentation, online payment collection, financial reporting… Estimate Rocket offers the works.

And so does Builder Prime. You can customize estimate templates EXACTLY how you want them… collect payments and signatures on mobile devices… know your financial numbers down to the decimal… and much more.

The added benefit is that Builder Prime provides these estimation tools in a single program with CRM and production management. This means everything is always synchronized and working in perfect harmony.

Production Management Features

Estimate Rocket isn’t production management software, but it does include a few production-related features. It comes with a scheduling calendar, job information tracker, turn-by-turn directions, and field-based access.

Builder Prime holds a sizable advantage in this category. In addition to CRM and estimation software, it’s also a fully realized production management solution. Features include:

  • Subcontractor management (bids, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Flexible drag-and-drop scheduling calendars for sales and production (plus in-depth Gantt charts)
  • Detailed job costing and profit reporting (estimates versus actuals, profits based on who sold or worked on the projects, unpaid balances, and more)
  • GPS time clock, turn-by-turn directions, and timesheets
  • Customizable project status/milestone tracking (to know what kinds of follow-ups are required externally AND internally)

And since the transition from sales to production is seamless, your production team will have access to ALL existing data about jobs. Nothing falls through the cracks, so EVERYONE is completely informed.

For more details, visit our Production Management page.


Estimate Rocket starts at $59 a month per office user. Additional office users are an extra fee, and field users can be added for $10 a month per user. Estimate Rocket can create a custom payment plan based on a contractor’s size and needs.

Builder Prime Prime’s all-in-one software solution comes in four pricing plans*
  • Startup: $79 per month
  • Essentials: $159 per month
  • Growth: $239 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote

These plans include one office user account. Additional office users are a small extra fee, and field users are $10 a month per user. View our Pricing page for specific cost details.

Builder Prime plans differ based on the size and needs of individual contractors, but every plan comes with comprehensive CRM, estimation, and production management features. Check out Builder Prime User Reviews and Case Studies for insight into how individual contractors are utilizing the features of their specific plans.

*Pricing reflects 20% savings when renewing annually versus monthly. Visit our Pricing page for details.


As its name suggests, Estimate Rocket’s strong point is its estimation capabilities. If that’s all you need, Estimate Rocket is a solid option.

But if you’re looking for an all-in-one software solution, Builder Prime is the superior choice. In addition to cutting-edge estimation, Builder Prime also offers a comprehensive CRM and production management solution. It’s the total package… in one single package.

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