Builder Prime vs. Buildertrend

February 24, 2021

Builder Prime Vs. Buildertrend

Which Contractor Software Solution Is Right For You?

Are you a contractor looking for a software solution that handles CRM, estimation, and production management? If so, you’ve probably been researching several programs to determine which is best for YOUR company.

This article compares two popular contractor software solutions you may be considering: Builder Prime and Buildertrend. Both are well-reviewed, reliable platforms. But there ARE distinct differences between what they do and the features they include. Knowing these differences can help you make the right decision for your business.

Let’s get started.

Builder Prime And Buildertrend Comparison


While Builder Prime and Buildertrend have overlapping features, they don’t serve quite the same purpose.

Buildertrend is primarily field-management software. While it has some CRM and estimation functionality, it’s mainly used for managing large remodels and new home construction projects. This makes Buildertrend a good fit for companies that do a smaller number of large projects per year.

Builder Prime is an all-in-one CRM, estimation, and production management solution. All three elements are fully synchronized, so projects flow seamlessly from one phase to the next. This can be a better fit for contractors that perform a larger number of smaller projects (i.e., 1 or 2 days in duration) per year.

Here’s how this distinction affects features and functionality…

Customer Relationship Management


Buildertrend comes with basic customer management tools. For example, contractors can set up automated email campaigns, import existing leads from other programs, gather leads from their website contact page, and send post-job surveys to customers.

Buildertrend doesn’t have certain CRM components that contractors typically need. It’s a bit light on sales and marketing features, lacking elements like automated lead categorization and text message follow-up. Contractors that want these kinds of CRM features need a supplemental program to Buildertrend.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime is a complete CRM solution that was designed based on a central concept: automation.

Builder Prime developers spent research time at home improvement businesses to assess the CRM needs of contractors. And the kind of CRM contractors need most is one that does a lot of the heavy lifting for them—a program that runs on autopilot flawlessly, freeing up valuable time and labor hours.

Here are a few ways Builder Prime delivers unrivaled CRM automation and makes customer relationship management easy:

  • Fail-safe lead tracking that automatically advances and categorizes leads and customers into hyper-specific buckets (see why this is important by downloading our Free Report).
  • Worry-proof follow-up tools that include email automation, SMS text message automation, and a company-wide connected interface, so everyone has access to the details they need.
  • Ultra-detail, precision reporting on Key Performance Indicators relating to leads, customers, sales, and production. For metrics like net sales per lead issued (NSLI) and lead/customer acquisition cost reporting, Builder Prime is the superior platform.
  • Seamless integration with top contractor apps like Angi Ads, Angi Leads, CompanyCam, Google Calendar, and Apex Chat.
  • An innovative, user-friendly sales calendar lets contractors easily manage schedules for unlimited sales reps. Sales meetings automatically drive metrics and workflow updates.

Builder Prime’s CRM features also synchronize with the estimation and production management side of the program. This provides a fully streamlined experience and allows contractors to control all company operations from a single program.

Estimation & Financial Tools


Buildertrend has a comprehensive set of estimating and financial tools for contractors. Purchase order management, change order tracking, online payments for trade partners/customers, time sheets, and customizable estimate templates are some of the highlights.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime also includes these features, along with the industry’s most powerful estimation customization program. Every aspect of proposals, change orders, estimates, and contracts can be completely personalized based on your specific branding, operations, and preferences.

The big difference, however, is that estimates in Builder Prime help drive workflow. Estimates can automatically trigger email/text message follow-up, to-do lists for sales reps, and even rehash campaigns if the sale doesn’t close. Like everything about Builder Prime, estimation features fully synchronize with the rest of the platform to deliver unequaled automation that’s based on proven contractor workflows.

Customer Support & Training


In terms of customer support, Buildertrend provides an 888 number to call, online chat during business hours, self-help articles and video tutorials, and assistance via email. With regards to training, Buildertrend has what’s called the Learning Academy. This includes live webinars, online classes and consultations, and in-person seminars at their headquarters.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime provides an exceptionally high level of personalized service and training. This includes…

  • An on-average response to emails within one business hour
  • Live chat assistance from an in-house Builder Prime representative (NOT an overseas third party) during business hours
  • A dedicated account manager that provides access to their direct phone line
  • Access to your account manager’s schedule so you can set meetings with them on YOUR terms
  • Unlimited live screen-share training
  • Self-help online video and written tutorials
  • An in-person training option for Growth and Enterprise plans
  • A fully custom training plan for Enterprise users

Bottom line: When it comes to support and training, PERSONAL is the name of the game. Check out Builder Prime user reviews and case studies to find out what home improvement contractors think of Builder Prime’s industry-best level of service.

Production Management


Project management is the cornerstone of the Buildertrend platform. A flexible scheduling calendar, daily/weekly update progress reports, photo capturing, subcontractor bidding, and plan markup capabilities make it a quality solution for field users working on large projects.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime delivers a similar set of project and production management features. It’s a versatile platform that meets the production needs of all contractors, no matter the industry. Features include…

  • A seamless mobile experience for easy use in the field
  • Subcontractor bidding and purchase order management
  • Flexible drag-and-drop scheduling calendars for sales and production
  • Ultra-detailed Gantt charts
  • GPS time clock and turn-by-turn directions
  • Customizable project status/milestone tracking (to know what kinds of follow-ups are required externally AND internally… and perform those follow-ups automatically FOR YOU, should you choose)
  • And more

For additional details, visit our Production Management page.



Buildertrend has three pricing plans: the Essential Plan, the Advanced Plan, and the Complete Plan. Here’s how the pricing breaks down…

  • Essential Plan
    • Monthly Renewal: $99/month for the first two months; $399/month after that
    • Annual Renewal: $339/month
  • Advanced Plan
    • Monthly Renewal: $399/month for the first two months; $699/month after that
    • Annual Renewal: $599/month
  • Complete Plan
    • Monthly Renewal: $899/month for the first two months; $1,299/month after that
    • Annual Renewal: $1,099/month

Buildertrend’s Advanced and Complete plans are more expensive because it comes with added features, including change orders, bids, estimates, purchase orders, payment processing, and financial reporting.

Builder Prime

Builder Prime has four pricing plans:
  • Startup
    • Monthly Renewal: $99/month
    • Annual Renewal: $79/month
  • Essentials
    • Monthly Renewal: $199/month
    • Annual Renewal: $159/month
  • Growth
    • Monthly Renewal: $299/month
    • Annual Renewal: $239/month
  • Enterprise
    • Custom Quote

Like Buildertrend, Builder Prime offers more features with higher-level plans. All Builder Prime plans, however, provide comprehensive CRM, estimation, and production management tools. See pricing and features here Pricing.


If you’re a contractor that specializes in large jobs and primarily needs a project management solution, Buildertrend is a quality option. While it lacks some CRM features and synchronization among the different aspects of the platform, it’s an excellent program for field use (especially on large projects).

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software solution, Builder Prime is going to be the better option. It provides comprehensive CRM, estimation, and production management in a single platform. All the features of Builder Prime synchronize seamlessly with each other, and the user interface has a logical flow that’s incredibly user-friendly. And with a lower price point, you maximize your bang-for-buck factor.

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