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December 2, 2021
Case Study

Builder Prime CRM Case Study:
Next Level Concrete Coatings

Why This Concrete Coating Company Chose Builder Prime
After Testing Almost Every CRM On The Market.

Company: Next Level Concrete Coatings

Contractor Industry: Concrete Coating

Goal: Find an all-in-one, automation-driven CRM solution to save time, labor, and money

Builder Prime Plan: Growth

Mat Giovanello opened Next Level Concrete Coatings in Pembroke, MA in 2019. In addition to this concrete coating company, Mat also owns a successful painting company he started almost 20 years ago.

For his painting business, Mat has used a popular, non-contractor-specific CRM for over a decade. Since it’s a general CRM, it basically comes as a blank slate out of the box. That meant Mat spent a very considerable amount of money to customize it for his painting business.

Mat had zero desire to go through the same arduous, expensive setup process with Next Level Concrete Coatings. He wanted a CRM solution that…

  • Was made specifically for contractors
  • Could take projects from start to finish without the need for third-party apps
  • Was driven by automation to save time and labor
  • Could make his company completely paperless
  • Instantly synced field data back to the office
  • Automatically sent data to QuickBooks to eliminate manual entry
  • Did NOT require extensive, costly implementation
  • Could be fully customized as needed

With this checklist in tow, Mat and his team started the hunt for the perfect CRM solution.

Demoing Every CRM On The Market

When deciding on a CRM for his concrete coating company, Mat and his team did their homework… and then some.

“We researched for months,” Mat said. “We demoed probably every CRM out there.”

They demoed contractor CRMs… general CRMs… ultra-popular CRMs… under-the-radar CRMs… everything.

All of these platforms brought something to the table. But there was only one that delivered everything on Next Level Concrete Coatings’ wish list: Builder Prime.

  • Contractor-specific? Check.
  • Start-to-finish capability? Check.
  • Driven by automation? Check.
  • Paperless options? Check.
  • Instant data syncing? Check.
  • Automatic data transfer to QuickBooks? Check.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality? Check.
  • 100% customizable? Check.

Here’s how Builder Prime delivered on that and much more—in Mat’s own words.

On The Benefits Of Contractor-Specific CRM…

There are some popular general CRMs, but they’re a blank canvas. They have the plugins for specific industries like home improvement, but they take a lot of time and money to implement.

We wanted a CRM that we could implement immediately and mold to our business as needed. What we didn’t want was something that would make us change our operations to suit the CRM’s functionality.

On Automation…

Features like built-in automated text messaging are game changers. Before Builder Prime, we were using third-party software for texting, so there was no synchronization. We had to import Excel files, which was cumbersome.

Builder Prime’s built-in texting provides a streamlined experience and follow-up. We can see a customer’s entire history using the same program in which we’re texting them.

On Going Completely Digital…

For my painting company, which we use a general CRM for, we still use paper contracts and process checks and credit cards over the phone. The office has dozens of filing cabinets.

Since we’re using Builder Prime for Next Level Concrete Coatings, we’re completely digital and paperless. The built-in estimation lets us write up deals and capture signatures electronically without paying a considerable cost for a third-party app.

The data that’s captured in the field is automatically synced to our office. This allows everyone the access they need, even the employees working remotely because of the pandemic.

On Production Management…

The production scheduling calendar is a huge win. We can see what jobs are being installed that day, and we can reschedule or reassign jobs easily.

On QuickBooks Integration…

We’re a high-volume business, so we need operations to run as efficiently as possible. Since customer data is sent to QuickBooks automatically , it cuts down on hours and hours of data entry per day.

On The User Interface…

We tested another well-known contractor CRM. It ran on older tech, so the interface wasn’t customizable. The screen would be cluttered with all this stuff that didn’t matter to my company.

Builder Prime is built on modern technology , so it’s easy to change the layout and specific fields. The ability to customize things like project triggers and milestones in Builder Prime was a clincher for us.

On Customer Support…

Builder Prime does a tremendous job with support and speaking with their users. They are also very accommodating when it comes to customizing the program to fit our business. I am super happy with the level of service.

What’s Next For Next Level Concrete Coatings

Mat recently opened a second Next Level Concrete Coatings location in Tampa, FL. With Builder Prime as his CRM, Mat is able to run both his MA and FL locations from a single program with ease.

“We tested every CRM out there,” Mat said. “And I see us as a Builder Prime user for the long haul.”

With user plans to suit contractors of every size, Builder Prime will scale seamlessly with Mat’s concrete coating business as it continues to grow.

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