3 Frustrations You Feel as an Owner

Posted October 20, 2022

3 HUGE Frustrations For Owners Of Home Improvement Businesses At the most basic level, nearly all owners of home improvement businesses have two fundamental goals:…


How Good Is Your ‘Speed to Lead’?

Posted October 20, 2022

A Question Every Home Contractor Needs To Ask… “How Good Is Our Speed To Lead?” Everyone seems to have the approximate attention span of gnats…


Builder Prime vs. JobProgress

Posted September 20, 2022

Comparing CRM Software For Contractors… Which Of These Is The Better Choice? If you are a contractor trying to find the right CRM software to…


Preventing One-Legged Appointments

Posted August 12, 2022

How Home Contractors Can Prevent “One-Legged” Appointments Creating A Call Script To Explain Why Both Homeowners Need To Meet With Your Sales Consultant. Let’s face…


Builder Prime vs. MarketSharp

Posted August 4, 2022

Comparing Two Of The Most Popular CRM Software Solutions For Contractors Builder Prime and MarketSharp are two of the most popular CRM software solutions for…

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