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How The Top Home Improvement Companies
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Home improvement leads: You want them. You need them. And, once you have them, you hate to lose them.

But… is there a surefire way to guide leads through your sales funnel so they become eager, cash-in-hand customers?

It’s the question on every contractor’s mind. And the answer is an emphatic YES.

We call it the Happy Path Sales Pipeline. And in our free 23-page white paper, we break it all down for you.

In This White Paper, You’ll Discover…

  • The 8 stages of the Happy Path Sales Pipeline—and how to successfully escort leads through it so they become paying customers
  • Why categorizing leads and sales into specific categories during every stage of your pipeline is non-negotiable for high conversion rates
  • 5 ways leads and customers can escape your sales path pipeline… and how to get them back on track
  • How to optimize your post-project follow-up to secure more repeat business
  • The key metrics you must measure at every stage to ensure you’re maximizing profits

And much more.

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How Do The Top Contractors Convert Leads
Into Eager, Cash-In-Hand Customers?

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