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What Is Builder Prime & What Can It Do For My Business?

Builder Prime is the all-in-one CRM software suite made specifically for home improvement contractors. It’s the solution for contractors looking for a better way to run and grow their businesses.

How Is Builder Prime Different From Other CRM Software?

Builder Prime is distinct from both generic CRM software and contractor-specific CRM software.

  • Builder Prime vs. Generic CRM: Generic CRM software doesn’t meet the needs of contractors. Builder Prime, however, was built from the ground up JUST for contractors.
  • Builder Prime vs. Contractor-Specific CRM: Unlike other contractor-specific CRM solutions, “Builder Prime is more than CRM” —it’s also full-scale estimation and production management software.

Another thing that sets Builder Prime apart is that it’s designed based on proven workflows for contractors. Its fail-safe lead tracking, worry-proof follow-up , and streamlined scheduling features work right out of the box. From there, you can fully customize Builder Prime to meet your operational needs flawlessly.

For comparisons of Builder Prime with other popular CRMs and construction management, see links below.

How Much Does Builder Prime Cost?

Builder Prime subscriptions start at $99 a month when you pay on a monthly basis. If you choose to renew annually, you receive a 20% discount—that works out to just $79 per month!

We offer several plans to meet the needs of every contractor. Explore our plans on our Pricing page.

Is Builder Prime Hard To Set Up?

We offer free onboarding assistance with Builder Prime subscriptions. Our experts can show you best practices for implementation and assist in adapting the software to your preferred methods of operation.

The real beauty of Builder Prime, however, is that you can use it right out of the box WITHOUT any setup. We’ve designed the software’s default settings based on proven workflows for contractors. You can be off to the races immediately and tweak settings to match your specific operations over time.

Naturally, we’re happy to help you customize Builder Prime’s settings; we can even provide step-by-step instructions via a screen-share meeting. Or, if you’re more of a DIYer, you can consult the comprehensive self-help materials and documents that come with your subscription.

What Contractor Industries Does Builder Prime Work For?

Builder Prime CRM software is specialized for the following contractor categories:

  • Specialty contractors
  • Replacement contractors
  • Home improvement contractors
  • Commercial contractors
  • And more

Visit our Industries page for a detailed list of contractors that Builder Prime can help.

Does Builder Prime Integrate With Popular Contractor Apps?

Builder Prime integrates with all of the apps that home improvement contractors use most: Angi Ads (formerly Angie’s List), Angi Leads (formerly Home Advisor), CompanyCam, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Google Calendar, Apex Chat, and much more. Explore a comprehensive list on our Apps & Integrations page.

What Kind Of Support Do I Get With Builder Prime?

One thing we truly pride ourselves on is customer support. Here is the kind of customer assistance you can expect from the Builder Prime team*:

  • Fast, Friendly Email Support: We almost always respond to email requests that same business day—typically in just an hour or two!
  • Live Chat Support: If you have an urgent request during business hours, use our live chat support to talk to a Builder Prime representative immediately.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Your dedicated account manager works directly with your company and learns the ins and outs of how your business operates. They provide superior, customized support and best-practice recommendations on how to make the most of Builder Prime.
  • Phone Support And Live Screen Sharing: When email and chat won’t cut it, call us during U.S. business hours for assistance. We can even perform a screen-share meeting for enhanced service.
  • Remote Training For Key Employees: Designate specific people in your company for special training so they can be the go-to Builder Prime experts of your business.
  • Custom Training Plan: If you choose a custom plan, we can develop a training plan that’s unique to your specific company.

*Some features are available only with certain plans. See our Pricing page for details.

Does Builder Prime Work With Contractors Of Any Size?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “one-man show,” an up-and-coming contractor with a handful of employees, or a company with several hundred team members. Builder Prime is fully scalable to meet the needs of EVERY contractor—big, small, and everywhere in between.

Visit our Pricing page to learn more about which plan is best for your business.

Can I Try Builder Prime For Free?

Yes! Take Builder Prime for a two-week test drive by signing up for a Free 14-Day Trial. We don’t ask for your credit card info or any kind of commitment, so it’s completely risk-free. If you have questions at any point during your trial, just reach out to us. We’ll answer them without any salesmanship or pitch. That’s a promise.

Can I Schedule A Live Demo Of Builder Prime?

You bet. Set up a time for a free live demonstration with a Builder Prime representative. They will take you on a full tour of the program, answer all your questions, and show you specific ways that Builder Prime can help your particular company.

The average live demo lasts about 45 minutes and is 100% educational. There is no sales pitch. There is no fluff. We provide you with the information you want… and then step back to let YOU decide how to proceed.

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