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HOVER Integration With Builder Prime’s CRM Suite

Seamlessly Build Estimates & 3D Models With Easy-To-Use Photo Rendering

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s nearly impossible to find someone without a smartphone equipped with a powerful camera. While it’s become a popular tool for capturing moments, what if that same cell phone could also revolutionize how you tackle building accurate estimates?

Builder Prime is proud to offer its partnership with HOVER, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates the best features of our CRM suite with its photo estimate-building process.

Together, we’re changing how contractors approach their home improvement projects to maximize efficiency, profits, and overall customer satisfaction.

An Overview Of The HOVER & Builder Prime Integration

HOVER is an excellent tool for contractors already utilizing the Builder Prime CRM, but are looking to simplify the documentation and creation of estimates. HOVER allows your contractors on the job site to effortlessly measure, design, and estimate exterior home improvement projects by simply snapping a few photos of the property using the HOVER mobile app.

These images are then automatically uploaded to the digital cloud, where they are transformed into a fully customizable 3D model that can be used during the sales process to show your customers the finished product before any materials are ordered.

With this new integration, you have the power to design in 3D, allowing you to visualize and modify elements like roofing, siding, and windows using materials from trusted brands.

Once you have all the pictures and pertinent information, that data is easily accessible within your Builder Prime dashboard, along with the rest of the project details. If your contractors are already using Builder Prime’s CRM, HOVER integrates seamlessly with just a few clicks of the mouse.

4 Key Benefits Of The Builder Prime & HOVER Integration For Home Contractors

Builder Prime integrates with many platforms to give home contractors the ultimate tool for optimizing every aspect of their business operations. Here’s what you can expect when integrating HOVER with Builder Prime’s CRM.

Benefit #1: Precision At Every Turn

With HOVER’s ability to generate exact measurements and comprehensive reports, including 3D models, you gain access to data that can determine your financial moves.

By effortlessly incorporating HOVER’s detailed measurements and models into your Builder Prime account, you can bid with confidence, knowing your estimates align precisely with the project’s scope and budget.

Benefit #2: Seamless Workflow

This seamless integration allows contractors to smoothly transition from capturing property data to generating estimates within a single, unified platform. With no need to switch between multiple tools or platforms, this streamlines operations and allows your contractors to focus more on the creative and strategic aspects of their projects. Say goodbye to manually generating costs by hand!

Benefit #3: Capture Your Client’s Attention & Eliminate Lost Leads

HOVER’s 3D modeling brings your future projects to life, allowing clients to digitally interact with their future homes using real materials that you offer. This immersive experience fosters a stronger client-contractor relationship and instills confidence in project plans. With Builder Prime seamlessly integrated, follow-up with leads from these visuals becomes efficient and personalized.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

HOVER’s interactive 3D models are a powerful tool for communication and collaboration within the project team. Whether it’s clients or other team members, everyone can easily understand the vision, and these visual representations eliminate the potential for misinterpretation.

This leads to smoother workflows, fewer misunderstandings, and, ultimately, more successful projects. Together, HOVER and Builder Prime provide contractors with a suite of advanced tools that elevate every aspect of the project planning process.

From precision and efficiency to client engagement and communication, this integration opens up a world of possibilities for home improvement contractors looking to take their business to the next level.

Learn More About Builder Prime’s Integration With HOVER

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