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GreenSky Integration With Builder Prime’s
CRM Software Suite

Streamline Your Financing To Increase Close Rates,
Secure More Money Per Job & Get Paid Faster.

GreenSky is the leading financing company in the home improvement industry. And Builder Prime is the only all-in-one CRM software suite for home improvement contractors.

So what happens when you combine their powers?

You create one streamlined, high-powered financing tool that can boost your closing rates… while adding more money to each sale.

Let’s look at how the GreenSky/Builder Prime integration can be a fiscal shot in the arm for your business.

3 Big Benefits Of The GreenSky/Builder Prime Integration

As a contractor, you’re likely at least a little familiar with the benefits of GreenSky financing. But if not, here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Fully Digital: No need to fill out stacks of annoying, cumbersome paperwork—everything is done digitally.
  • Decisions In Seconds: Your customers can apply from a phone, tablet, or computer during the sales appointment… and get a credit decision in seconds.
  • Bigger Deals: By instantly giving homeowners more purchasing power, GreenSky gives you the opportunity to add more dollars per sale.
  • Same-Day Payments: You can receive payment as quickly as the same day your customers authorize transactions.
  • No Nickel-And-Diming: GreenSky’s competitive transaction-fee rates means the money goes where it should—in your pocket!

Now let’s look at how these benefits get even better when you use Builder Prime:

Benefit #1: Initiate GreenSky Loans Directly From Builder Prime

With the seamless integration of Builder Prime and GreenSky, loan origination becomes easy and efficient. No more back and forth between multiple apps, as you can initiate GreenSky loan applications directly from Builder Prime. The payment request is then automatically sent to GreenSky to be processed against the customer’s credit.

This simple process saves time and ensures accuracy in recording customer and loan details.

Benefit #2: Instant, Automatic Data Sync

GreenSky and Builder Prime ensure that all application and loan information is effortlessly updated and saved in your CRM. This automatic input feature means you can easily access all customer and job details in one centralized location — your CRM platform. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Not only that… you can also trigger automations in Builder Prime based on the real-time status of the loan application. 

Benefit #3: Built Into Builder Prime’s Estimate Tools

Using Builder Prime’s Price Book [forthcoming blog] feature, you can incorporate a homeowner’s financing options straight into their estimate. By showing homeowners their purchasing power so directly, you increase the likelihood of A) closing the deal and B) customers spending more money on their projects.

Learn More About GreenSky/Builder Prime Integration

When you integrate GreenSky with Builder Prime, you create the ultimate financing toolkit for improving efficiency AND sales. For more details, contact us to schedule your free live Builder Prime demo.

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