One-Day Bath Remodeling CRM Software

Builder Prime Is CRM, Production Management & Estimating Software… In One Single Program.

If you’re a kitchen and bath contractor that wants to save time, win more jobs, and boost production, Builder Prime is the CRM solution for you.

Builder Prime was developed specifically with contractors in mind. It’s lead-tracking software. It’s production management software. It’s estimation software. It’s CRM software. It’s a powerful, all-inclusive CRM that will enhance your company’s operations across the board

Builder Prime CRM Estimating Production Management Software One-Day Bath Remodelers

What Builder Prime CRM Can Do For Kitchen & Bath Contractors

Fail-Proof Lead Tracking

Builder Prime Contractor Crm Software Suite Fail Safe Lead Tracking Automation

Here’s the honest truth: Securing quality one-day bath remodeling leads can be a challenge—and cost a pretty penny. So what you DON’T want is to lose track of your leads as they flow through your sales pipeline.

Builder Prime solves this problem. As you nurture leads, fail-safe lead tracking technology automatically advances those leads to the next step. Every lead’s status is up to date 24/7/365 WITHOUT the need for manual updating.

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100% Efficient, Effective Follow-Up

One of the toughest parts of being a contractor? Nurturing leads into sales. If you aren’t following up with leads when and how you need to, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Builder Prime’s worry-proof follow-up systems make sure your company is interacting with EVERY lead (and customer) at the right time and in the right way. As leads advance in the system, it reminds you when to follow up… or performs the follow-up FOR you. Builder Prime CRM is fully customizable, so you can automate emails, text messages, and as much of the follow-up process as you want.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Worry Proof Follow Up

Premier Production Management

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Production Management
One of the biggest challenges that remodelers face is managing the production side of projects. But don’t worry—Builder Prime helps with that too. Here are just a few of the production management features of the software:
  • Subcontractor management
  • Purchase orders (PO) management
  • Subcontractor bid management
  • Job costing
  • Job scheduling
  • GPS time clock
  • Drag-and-drop calendars
  • Gantt charts
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Extensive Scheduling Tools

Builder Prime’s scheduling tools are scalable and work with companies of every size. Whether you have 200 employees or can count them on one hand, Builder Prime keeps your operations on track.

Independent scheduling systems for both sales and production make coordinating each side easy. You can reschedule and reassign tasks with a simple drag-and-drop calendar. You can set the system to automatically remind employees about key events. You can even see ultra-specific details of each job’s production with Gannt charts.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Streamlined Sales And Production Scheduling

Precision Data Crunching & Reporting

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Automated Sales And Production Reporting

Want to maximize what’s working for your business… and improve or ditch anything that’s not? Builder Prime’s precision reporting features give you the data you need to make those decisions.

You’ll know the health of every one of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Sales numbers. Revenue per lead source. Estimates versus actuals. Commissions per sales rep. And all other metrics that can give you clear insight into how every aspect of your business is performing.

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Workflows That WORK

Builder Prime isn’t just made for contractors… it’s made to start WORKING for contractors from day one.

The software’s default settings were carefully engineered based on successful workflows for the average contractor. That means you can start using Builder Prime’s features straight away.

Of course, you can customize any aspect of the program just the way you want. But you won’t find another CRM software solution that begins helping your company right out of the box.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Dashboard

Custom Estimate Creation

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

The appearance of your estimates, invoices, and contracts can play a big role in whether you close the sale. Clean, branded, detailed documentation lets homeowners know they’re dealing with a professional, trustworthy kitchen and bath remodeler.

Using Builder Prime, you can craft beautiful contracts, estimates, and invoices just the way YOU want them. You can then present your documents to homeowners as physical copies or electronically. In fact, you can go 100% paperless and even acquire e-signatures from customers from mobile devices!

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Builder Prime CRM Contractor Reviews

Great transformed my business and in the first week I captured an additional $7800 deal because the system allowed us not to drop the lead. ’’

Stefan B.

What strikes me most about the good experience I am enjoying is working with the team to develop the software; they are interested in hearing ideas for improvements. ’’

Chris C.

Overall experience is five stars. It has saved me tons of time and gives a much more professional branded experience to my clients. ’’

Drew C.

It’s the only CRM that lets you input a manual price. Also only CRM that helps build how your contract and proposal forms. We are very happy with this software. ’’

Scott W.

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Builder Prime FAQ

How Does Builder Prime Compare To Other CRM Software For Kitchen & Bath Companies?

Builder Prime is more than CRM software… it’s the all-in-one solution kitchen and bath can implement into virtually every aspect of their operations. Leads, sales, estimation, production… there’s nothing Builder Prime doesn’t help with.

To see how Builder Prime compares to other popular CRM software for one-day bath remodeling contractors, explore these pages:

What Is The Price Of Builder Prime CRM Software?

Subscription plans start at just $79 per month. You can view individual plan details on our Pricing page.

Can Builder Prime Integrate With Contractor Apps?

Absolutely. If you use a specific contractor app, there’s an excellent chance it integrates with Builder Prime. Angi Leads, Angie Ads, CompanyCam, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Apex Chat are just a few of the apps that are compatible… and we’re consistently adding more integrations. Visit our Apps & Integrations page for a thorough list of current apps that Builder Prime integrates with.

Does Builder Prime Work For Kitchen & Bath Contractors Of Any Size?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you have a single employee or several hundred. Builder Prime scales perfectly to companies of every size.

Is There A Way To Try Builder Prime CRM Software For Free?

You bet. We offer a Free 14-Day Trial so contractors like you can experience what Builder Prime has to offer. The trial requires no credit card or commitment. After the trial period, the next step is completely up to YOU.

In addition to our free trial, we offer free live demos of the program. You’ll take a one-on-one tour of Builder Prime with one of our friendly representatives. There is no sales pitch or dog-and-pony show. We give you JUST THE FACTS… and then let you decide how to proceed.

To schedule a live demo, contact us and set up a time that’s convenient for you. We would be honored to hear from you.

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