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Are you a gutter and gutter guard contractor gearing up to take your business to the next level? Builder Prime is the genuine made-JUST-for-contractors software suite that gives you not just a great CRM system, but also the production management and estimation tools you need to run your business better and reach higher profits.

Toss all those old-school spreadsheets into the trash. Wave goodbye to all the obnoxious sticky notes. And forget about the generic made-for-everyone CRM software out there. With Builder Prime, every aspect of your company can be properly managed for better results all in one single program.

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How Builder Prime Helps You Manage & Grow
Your Gutters & Gutter Guard Business

No Leads Slips Through The Cracks

Builder Prime Contractor Crm Software Suite Fail Safe Lead Tracking Automation

Because the competition in the gutter industry is so fierce, you simply can’t afford to let good leads just slip through the cracks. Just one single lost lead can cost your business BIG dollars.

With Builder Prime, the issue is solved through state-of-the-art fail-safe lead tracking technology. The system tracks and advances ALL of your leads automatically as they progress through your sales pipeline. No manual entry needed—Builder Prime does all the work for you.

The result? No more leads fall through the cracks… EVER.

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Follow Up Without Fail

Tracking leads is only half the battle. If you’re not following up when and how you need to, you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

Builder Prime solves this issue with powerful follow-up features. The system prompts you to follow up with leads and customers when you need to… or performs that follow up FOR YOU. From text messaging to emails, your entire follow-up process can be completely automated. And since the system is FULLY customizable, you can set up the perfect amount of automation that works for your business.

No matter how much automation you choose, one thing is certain: with Builder Prime’s worry-proof follow-up features, you’ll turn more leads into customers… and more customers into repeat business, 5-star reviews, and referrals.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Worry Proof Follow Up

Powerful Scheduler

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Streamlined Sales And Production Scheduling

Whether you have one employee or 10 fleets of them, Builder Prime’s comprehensive scheduling tools make it so you can perfectly manage sales, marketing, and production teams without hassle.

Special calendars for sales and production feature drag and drop functionality, so reassigning and rescheduling tasks is a breeze. See your sales and production schedules from a “big picture” view, or zero in on the most granular details. And advanced customization lets you set up your scheduling processes to run exactly how you want them to.

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Full-Scale Estimation Features

When you present a prospect with your contracts and estimates, how they look can make a huge difference. The last thing you want is for your customer-facing paperwork to look amateurish. It’s a turnoff for the prospect… and an easy way to let a deal slip through your fingers.

With Builder Prime, you can present beautiful, professional, well-branded contracts, estimates, and invoices that make people feel like they’re making the right choice. Build them exactly as you want them with groundbreaking customization features. You can even display your documents on mobile devices to capture signatures electronically.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Custom Branded Estimation

Automatic KPI Reporting

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Automated Sales And Production Reporting

When you know your company’s numbers, ONLY then can you maximize your growth. The last thing you want is to make important business decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. This is what leads to stagnation and tumbling revenue.

Once Builder Prime is integrated into your systems, everything will be precisely tracked so you’ll know your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) down to the decimal. Instead of hazy data, you’ll be working with 100% accurate numbers for leads, sales, marketing, and production. NOW you can make all the right decisions and take your business to the next level.

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Built To Work For YOU

What’s the #1 problem that contractors have with most CRM programs? They aren’t specifically designed for CONTRACTORS. And even the few solutions that are contractor-specific require a ton of time and money to set up before they work how you need them.

Builder Prime is different. It’s not only contractor-specific, but it also begins working its magic for your company from day one, minute one. That’s because we engineered the software based on the workflows of the average contractor. After Builder Prime is up and running, you’ll be able to quickly and easily fine-tune essentially any aspect of the system to FULLY synergize with your particular procedures and processes.

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Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Dashboard

Robust Production Management

Builder Prime Contractor CRM Software Suite Production Management

Builder Prime isn’t just CRM software… it’s also a cutting-edge, comprehensive production management program.

Schedule production teams with ease. Take control of subcontractor management. Use the GPS time clock to track installer productivity. Regulate work orders. Compare estimates to actuals. And much, much more.

Bottom line: Builder Prime has literally every tool you need to successfully manage the production side of your gutter/gutter guard company.

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Builder Prime FAQ

How Is Builder Prime Different From Other Contractor CRM Software?

It’s the all-in-one software solution that gutter and gutter guard contractors need to complete a project from start to finish. With CRM, estimation, and production management tools, Builder Prime is the most complete program on the market.

Click on any of the following pages to find out how Builder Prime compares to other CRM programs that contractors use most:

What Does Builder Prime CRM Software Cost?

Builder Prime plans start at just $79 a month. Head on over to our Pricing page to explore our various plans and see which is right for your company.

What Contractor Apps Does Builder Prime Integrate With?

All the apps your company could need can integrate into Builder Prime: Angi Ads (formerly Angie’s List), Angi Leads (formerly Home Advisor), CompanyCam, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Google Calendar, Apex Chat, and many more. See the full list of apps on our Apps & Integrations page.

What Size Companies Does Builder Prime Work For?

Small, large, and everywhere in between. No matter how big your company is, Builder Prime will seamlessly integrate into your company’s procedures and operations with ease. Because of the program’s flexibility, it will also scale with your business as you grow it.

Can I Try Builder Prime CRM Software For Free?

Yes! Take advantage of our Free 14-Day Trial. You’ll get two full weeks to dig in and give everything Builder Prime has to offer a try. See what it can do for your business. No credit card or commitment is needed.

If you have any questions before, during, or after your trial, reach out to us. We’re happy to talk to you about Builder Prime in as much detail as you’d like!

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