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The Challenge: Scheduling Sales & Production Teams Efficiently

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, scheduling your sales and production teams can be a delicate balancing act. Just one small bottleneck can bring your operations to a grinding halt.

And you know what they say: Time is MONEY… especially in the home improvement industry. So if your business is dealing with schedule inefficiencies, confusion, and conflicts, then guess what? Your company is hemorrhaging BIG dollars.

The Solution: Builder Prime’s All-Inclusive Scheduling Tools

Builder Prime is designed to make certain everything and EVERYONE stays on track. From drag-and-drop calendars to automated reminders to Gantt charts, you’ll have all of the tools you need to keep your sales and production schedules running like clockwork.

Builder Prime lets you see the full picture of your operations AND zero-in on the granular details. Costly scheduling inefficiencies, confusion, and conflicts? Not with Builder Prime acting as the engine for your business.

How Builder Prime Streamlines Your Sales And Production Teams’ Schedules

Drag-And-Drop Calendars

Need to rearrange a meeting, appointment, or installation date? With a simple drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, rescheduling and reassigning tasks is as easy as a mouse click.

Control ALL Your Teams

Tired of coordinating your sales and production teams separately? With Builder Prime, you can easily manage every division of your company in ONE program.

Easy Overview

View all appointments, to-do tasks, and job details for employees in a single, crystal-clear overview. Getting a snapshot of your company’s daily schedule is simple.

Zero-In On The Specifics

In addition to seeing the “big picture,” you can hone in on individual meeting details, employee-customer interactions, and ALL of the specifics you need to see.

Everyone’s ALWAYS In The Know

Employees can quickly view appointments and tasks, see previous interactions with customers, and retrieve contact details. Everyone is in the loop 24/7/365.

Detailed Gantt Charts

State-of-the-art Gantt charts make it simple to schedule and keep tabs on your production team’s operations. Charting a project’s critical path has never been easier.

See How Scheduling In Builder Prime Is Quick, Easy, And Intuitive

Sales Scheduling

Job Scheduling

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Why Contractors Love Builder Prime’s Streamlined Scheduling Tools

Been in the commercial roofing industry for 25 years. This is definitely the best program to run an efficient company I have ever seen or used.”

Joseph M.

The production and sales calendar are separated and easy to manipulate from both the client page and the calendar itself, which helps a lot when people call in to set up an estimate.

Kelsey R.

Overall, this software has enhanced our functionality and efficiency of our company. We have been so much better organized with the support of Builder Prime!

Kala O.

Builder Prime has enabled us to manage sales and service for multiple businesses. The customer service received for any issue has been phenomenal.

Graeme K.

Builder Prime is the best CRM for contractors. It helps us efficiently manage all aspects of our business from leads to sales to production

John K.

Explore What Else Builder Prime Can Do For You

Tracking Software

Builder Prime tracks and advances leads through your sales pipeline automatically. Never lose a lead again!

Follow Up Software

Powerful follow-up systems guarantee you’re reaching out to every lead exactly when and how you need to.

Estimates Software

Builder Prime has THE most comprehensive creation tools for estimates, contracts, and invoices.

Precision Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of your company with precise, automatic reporting for all your KPIs.

Proven Workflows

No cumbersome setup required—Builder Prime is designed to work for contractors right out of the box.

Total Production
Management Software

From pre-production to production to post-production, you’ll have total control of your processes.

Builder Prime Is PERFECTLY Suited
For Remodelers In These Industries

Don't see your specific type of business listed here? Builder Prime is the specialized CRM software suite for home improvement, specialty, replacement, and commercial contractors. If that’s you, contact us to see how we can help!

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