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Contractors: Know All Of Your KPIs With Builder Prime’s Precision Reporting

Accurate, Automated, Detailed Report Generation Software For Your Marketing, Sales & Production.

To scale your business with maximum proficiency, having 100% accurate data about your key performance indicators (KPI) is a must. Business decisions based on educated guesses are why so many contractors never make it past a certain profit ceiling… or end up closing their doors altogether. Builder Prime’s automated data-capturing features provide you with reporting that’s down-to-the-decimal accurate. You’ll have all the insight you need to make the most profit-producing choices for your company. See who has the best sales numbers. Learn which lead source is generating the most revenue. Determine what service is delivering the highest profit level. With Builder Prime tracking your data, you’ll know how EVERY aspect of your company is performing.

How Builder Prime’s Precision Reporting Lets You Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data Captured FOR You

With its built-in automations and workflows, Builder Prime collects all of your company’s performance data so you don’t have to.

Know Your Numbers

Builder Prime lets you easily view high-level metrics AND in-depth breakdowns of individual key performance indicators.

Instantly Available Details

As Builder Prime collects data, it instantly updates your numbers. You’ll ALWAYS be working with the most up-to-date info.

Marketing & Lead Reporting

Track lead costs, appointment set rates, net sales per lead issued, closing rates, customer acquisition cost… and EVERY other lead and marketing metric for your company.

Sales Reporting

View contracts sold by each rep, average sales over specific periods, commission per sales rep, overall profit margins, and ALL of your sales figures in hyper-specific detail.

Production Reporting

Know estimates versus actuals… profits based on who sold or worked on the projects… all unpaid balances… subcontractor purchase orders… sales commissions… and much more.

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Sales & Marketing Reports

Production Reports

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What Contractors Are Saying About Builder Prime’s Precision Reporting

Great! It transformed my business, and in the first week I captured an additional $7800 deal because the system allowed us not to drop the lead. ’’ Stefan B.
What strikes me most about the good experience I am enjoying is working with the team to develop the software; they are interested in hearing ideas for improvements. ’’ Chris C.
Overall experience is five stars. It has saved me tons of time and gives a much more professional branded experience to my clients. ’’ Drew C.
It’s the only CRM that lets you input a manual price. It is also the only CRM that helps you build your contract and proposal forms We are very happy with this software. Scott W.

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Builder Prime CRM Software Suite Is Made For Every Type Of Contractor

Don’t see your specific type of business listed here? Builder Prime is the specialized CRM software suite for home improvement, specialty, replacement, and commercial contractors. If that’s you, contact us to see how we can help!