100% Fail-Safe Lead Tracking Software
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Builder Prime Records, Updates & Advances Every Lead
In Your Sales Pipeline FOR YOU.

The Challenge: Manually Tracking & Updating Leads In Your Sales Pipeline

Let’s face it–getting leads is tough and expensive. So the last thing you want is a “leaky” sales pipeline where leads can slip through the cracks and shrivel away.

But manually tracking and updating leads? That’s anything but “leakproof.” It’s a HUGE task for your team… and it’s prone to human error. Just ONE mistake with ONE lead’s status can cost you thousands of dollars.

The Solution: Builder Prime Tracks & Advances Leads AUTOMATICALLY

Builder Prime takes charge of your lead tracking for you so you never lose a lead again. As leads progress through your sales pipeline, Builder Prime automatically tracks and advances their status into categorized buckets.

Bottom line: Your team is always working from 100% precise, up-to-the-minute data. You’ll know EXACTLY where every single lead stands… and EXACTLY what to do next to nurture it into that coveted sale.

How Builder Prime Perfects Your Lead-To-Sales Pipeline

Every Lead In Its Right Place

Once you input a lead’s information, Builder Prime handles the rest. As you nurture a lead through your sales process, that lead automatically advances to the next step.

Know The Whos, Whats & Whens

A user-friendly interface lets you see every detail, interaction, and update quickly and easily. Keep your finger on the pulse of every single lead at every single stage.

Performs Right Out Of The Box

Builder Prime’s lead-tracking system was meticulously developed to start working for you right out of the box. Improve your lead-to-sale process immediately.

Fully Customizable

While Builder Prime’s lead tracking works right out of the box, it can also be fine-tuned to YOUR specific operations. Customize any part of the lead-tracking system to make it truly work for YOU.

Worry-Proof Follow-Up

Easily perform PROPER follow-up at the exact right times. Send automated texts and emails, set reminders for your salespeople, schedule meetings, and more. Following up has never been simpler OR more effective.

Seamless App Integration

Builder Prime integrates smoothly with the most popular contractor apps. All of your emailing, scheduling, and communication apps can be easily operated under one unified source.

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What Contractors Say About Builder Prime’s
Automated, Fail-Safe Lead Tracking

Great! It transformed my business, and in the first week I captured an additional $7,800 deal because the system allowed us not to drop the lead.

Stefan B.

An overall great product for my small service company. We mostly save time and avoid forgetting steps in our processes because Builder Prime keeps track of leads and sales.

Marc L.

Outstanding platform! All encompassing workspace environment and automations. Phenomenal customer support.

Eric A

Has helped my business grow, almost doubling my sales. Whenever I have had any problems customer service has walked me through and addressed them.

Thomas D

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Builder Prime Is PERFECTLY Suited
For Remodelers In These Industries

Don't see your specific type of business listed here? Builder Prime is the specialized CRM software suite for home improvement, specialty, replacement, and commercial contractors. If that’s you, contact us to see how we can help!

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