New Feature Spotlight: Custom Project Statuses

February 24, 2018

New Feature Spotlight: Custom Project Statuses

In this week’s new feature spotlight, we are featuring the ability to customize your project statuses. When you initially sign up for the service, you get 9 statuses out of the box:

  • Estimate Request
  • Estimate Sent
  • Customer Signed
  • Sold
  • Deposit Received
  • Cancelled
  • Scheduled
  • In Progress
  • Complete

You’ve always been able to customize the names of the statuses, but you couldn’t add or remove them. Now you can add and remove statuses, rename them, and also set different triggers to automatically move your projects through the different statuses. For example, you can automatically update the project status to “Estimate Sent” whenever a proposal gets emailed to a client or whenever a proposal is sent to the client for eSignature. Perhaps you want to create an additional status called “Job Paid” and add the trigger to move the project into this status whenever all payments are recorded and match the contract amount. There are tons of possibilities to allow you to customize the workflow to the way you like to manage your business.

In the near future, we will be releasing another update to allow triggers for the different client lead statuses as well. Then you will be able to automate your client lifecycle and workflow in addition to your project lifecycle and workflow.

Give us a call if you would like any help or suggestions to customize your workflows.

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